Brocade Babes

I know you’re not supposed to give a woman’s age but after a point, it’s more of an honor than a faux pas. With that said, my grandmother is a young and vibrant 72 years old who has lived through decades of fashion eras. I say this to say, the apartment she’s lived in for almost as many decades is an arsenal of several fashion trends .
For years, looking through my grandmothers library of fashionable pieces: fur, silk and thick cashmere were signs of richness. Right up there with brocade.  And for years, regardless of it’s intricate details, thick fabrics and great prints, I skipped past the pieces made of fabrics usually reserved for curtains, pillows, throws, lamp shades or decorative duvets. You know, home decor.

In this day and age, when it’s the era of mixed prints and opulence, everyone is ready to look rich in brocade.


Here’s how you can become a brocade babe the cheap chic way:








Best riches!

xx Nastasia


A Collar Makes Me Holla, Honey Boo Boo!

So, I promised fall trends and I never break promises! Of course collars have been a big thing for a while. But for the most part, the best collars have been super expensive or DIY’s.

However, these days, our fave cheap chic shops have collars for us.










































This is a trend we all know and love, right? We’re not surprised or happy to find this out. I mean that’s so 2011, right? This is true. These necklace collars are fun but they’ve been around for quite a while. Well, this trend is only growing. Now, the biggest collar trend are real embellished and statement collars. Yes, you can find fun shirts with cool collars. But what if I told you that your plain t-shirts and sweaters could join in on the fun.

Yep, detachable statement collars are new thing. You can add them on top of collared shirts for a layered look or to cover the boring collar all together. You can add them to sheath dresses, t-shirts, sweaters or turtlenecks.

The best thing about buying cheap and making it chic is finding one of a kind pieces. That’s why I love Etsy. Here are a couple of collars you won’t find anywhere else:









Keep shopping one of a kind collars on Etsy here or here.


xx Nastasia

Smearing Oxblood!

To my dismay, Fall is upon us! While I am not excited at the idea of cold weather, I am excited to layer my summer clothes and incorporate boots and sweaters. Also, with the Fall comes trends we’ve been waiting to wear since February. I’m going to give you a run down of the hottest, or in this weather, the coolest Fall ’12 trends.

This time, we’ll talk OXBLOOD!!



I’ve been waiting almost all year to paint my lips in a matte vampy lipstick like Selena circa the 90’s. But before I knew it, Oxblood was the color of the season and it was about wearing it in every facet; from shirts to shoes to pants to jackets. Here’s a few ways you can incorporate Oxblood into your wardrobe for under $100!


This shirt is awesome because the sheer allows you the chance to add colors and the embellished collar is right on trend.




This sweater is a nice sweater for the weather. I’m really loving the crew neck, which can be embellished with collars or bib necklaces or it can be worn in it’s most organic state.







This sweatshirt is a great way to bring this high fashion trend into super casual wear. The spikes are an incredibly fun detail that you can work into a more styled outfit or with sweatpants and Nike house shoes.






This dress is fun. It can be worn super simple or dressed all the way up. The cutouts are on trend and sultry while the flowing skirt allows a bit of innocence and fun.







These Corduroy skinnies are perfect for the season. It gives great texture, perfect fabric for the colder weather and a great shape for layering silhouettes.







This tailored blazer makes for an amazing outfit toppers. Over a monochromatic outfit or mixed with prints, or simply over a tee and jeans, it’s perfect for this weather. And when it gets colder, you can later it over a hoodie or a jean jacket which is a new fun trend to try.







I’m in love with parka’s… I think they are comfy, warm and along the lines of hipster chic. In this color, it’s more chic than anything else.







Flat shoes with a pointy toe is so on trend. In this oxblood color with the gold tip, it is chic, trendy and can be worn with a variety of outfits.







These Isabel Marant inspired sneaker-wedges are all the rage these days. And there down to $40 from $65.







I’m a high heel girl, so I had to find a beautiful pump in this oxblood color. These are great with several outfits; the embellishment can be fun or fancy; and you can wear them with tights or socks for the colder weather. AND guess what?? It’s $40 down from it’s original $100.







Of course you just can not forget the beauty products. Use Oxblood colors on either your nails or your lips or be a true vixen and wear it on both! I have several choices I love. These two are just one of the picks for lips and nails.













Or be a trailblazer like the ultimate trendsetter, Rihanna and wear the oxblood hair!


xx Nastasia

Taxi TV Goes Cheap Chic Shopping!

Hola Cheap Chicers! Did you miss me??

I have been working some long days and sneaking in some fun! A little mix of both came to me in an opportunity to be taped while Cheap Chic Shopping for ABC.

Last week, we met at our favorite Soho haunt and found amazing outfits for our three ladies! Of course, we fished through the sales racks to find a beautiful maxi dress for Jeny and pulled the outfit together with a cheap jean jacket and perfect accessories. We were excited to find a classic outfit for Tracy in a Soho boutique. The awesome classic white denim and chambray shirt were made trendy and exciting with pops of color in the purse and belt. Lastly, we taught the women how to make any outfit instantly chic with a trip to street vendors with cool sunglasses, hats and scarves. With the addition of a colorful printed scarf and cheap aviators, our clients took their tshirts to a completely new look with $10.

The girls were so very excited and the shooting crew were impressed. Jess and I had so much fun, as usual, picking out the cheapest finds and making them chic. Check us out on Taxi TV!

xx Nastasia

It’s Raining Menswear!

My boyfriend has asked me several times if he could tag along for a tour. In response, I remind him that he’d have to wake early on his weekends and shop with a group of women for 3 hours and that usually gets him shutting up fast! However, he does continue to begrudgingly express to me that it’s much easier for women to shop cheap and still look chic. But I’ll show you and the much deserving men in your life, just as I showed him! Here are two causal looks for men. Each piece is less than $50!

The first look features a tank, which has become a trendy piece for men over the past couple years. In a southwestern tribal print, it allows a mix of colors for you to play with when it comes to adding other pieces to the outfit. A nice cargo short in a tan color is a summer staple, it’s comfy, keeps you cool and can be mixed with almost anything. If there’s any discomfort about their arms showing or if they’ll be in an air conditioned place, you can add a bright colored hoodie that compliments the printed tank. I paired this with moccasins in a color represented in the tank and sunglasses. However, any neutral color – including this navy – would work, as long as it is in the same color family.


Tribal Print Tank $8

Cargo Shorts $27.50

Hoodie $20

Moccasins $28

Sunglasses $18

The next look features a dip-dyed shirt. Rather than feeling stuffy, the soft and light fabric makes for a comfortable and cool shirt in the summer. Paired with gray jeans and  bright colored Converse sneakers, you manage to have the effect that a woman has with  a semi-monochromatic outfit and a pop of color at the feet. A trendy accessory men wear are snapback caps. I kept this gray to make the only color stand out in the footwear.


Dip-Dyed Shirt $25

Skinny Jeans $30

All Star Converse $45

RockSmith Snapback $24

These outfits are stylish and fun. They are perfect for summer and can easily transition with cooler days. Of course, these are more on the casual side but just like they thought we couldn’t do this, they’ll be surprised to find we can dress them up for cheap too! If you’d like more menswear posts, leave us a comment… We’ll be happy to oblige!

Have fun surprising your honey with a way to dress cheap and chic. I sure did!


xx Nastasia

Dressing for a Summer Wedding!

Of all the activities that come to mind when you’re thinking of summer, weddings is not at the top of the list. But in actuality, it’s a great time to get married. A lot of really awesome locations boast beautiful outdoor settings. Receptions that are held outside can be magical when they’re done under a sunset or a night full of stars. Anyway, this post is not about beautiful wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses what colors you should choose, even though the Cheap Chic family is buzzing with Jess’ wedding planning updates.

This post is to help you Cheap Chicers that are on the guest list. Here are three outfits you can wear to any type of wedding – glamorous or casual. And each piece is under $50!



This outfit is perfect for a summer wedding. It’s fun, colorful and glamorous. The asymmetrical hemline and the print is right on trend. The great thing about having so many colors, is that you don’t have to worry about matching the wedding party but you’ll look great in group pictures. The bad thing about too many colors is, you have to be careful about accessories and shoes. My tip would be to pick one prominent color in the dress and find a shoe in that color. To avoid being matchy-matchy, you should choose metallic accessories. How glamorous you want to be decides how much jewelry to stack on. This particular dress may not need a necklace but you can really go crazy with the bracelets and it may be fun to stick some color in your arm candy.



Both outfits are more on the casual side but I wanted to give two ideas for a more edgy look and a more classic look, depending on the type of wedding. Actually, more like depending on the type of girl you are! When you have solid color dresses it’s fun to add prints like I did with the leopard shoes and snake skin bag. With the the coral dress, I added neutral and coral accessories. With the purple dress, with its edgy and sexy cutout, I added color with the lips and earrings. Again, adding accessories add personality so depending on how you’re feeling: pile ’em on!



Of course, it isn’t as taboo as before to wear white to a wedding but if you still feel uncomfortable, here’s a fun way to do it. Wear pants! With pants on, your less likely to offend the bride. A pair of slim cut or cropped pants are appropriate for this type of event. To keep it glamorous, wear a top with structure and detail. A trendy peplum top is perfect. Of course, you want to add color. You can go wild with this. You can do neutral, metallic, print, neon or brights. And as always, the more accessories, the more you can project the mood you want. For some, all white is still uncomfortable or they aren’t into wearing pants. If this is the case, a white dress with colorful prints will be just as fun and kind of daring.

You may have noticed I chose wedges or flats. A lot of outdoor locations have beautiful lawns and grassy parts where you have to walk through. The last thing you want is your heel to continuously sink into the grass and dirt so if you’re not sure what the space is like, where wedges or flats to avoid that. Not all summer weddings are outside but these looks will go for indoors or out. Keep in mind that you can find sexy stiletto alternatives for each outfit.

If it is indoors with AC or outdoors with chilly night air, you may want to think of a jacket. You can reach for a cardigan, a leather jacket, a fur shawl, a blazer or even a cape.

xx Nastasia

PS If you want to look get any of these pieces, click the title of the outfit! Remember, each piece is less than $50!

Get Pippas Fave Pieces for Our Fave Prices!

One thing I love is a lady who knows how to make the most of her wardrobe! The Middleton sisters have become known for wearing pieces more than once! Pippa, though has found numerous ways to wear her fave pieces in different settings from casual to office wear and adds fun to each outfit!

Her red flats and matching messenger bag have become a staple, get these options for cheaper and copy her looks to make them last outfit after outfit!






XX Nastasia

Bridget Mohair Collar

Hello Cheap Chicers!

I love having that one splurge item that is totally worth it’s price in wears. About a year ago, my mom and I was browsing TopShop for shoes when I spotted a Mohair collar in a rust color. It’s huge and furry and warm and $160. Of course, for that price it had to stay in TopShop. However, only a couple weeks later with thoughts of the collar still harboring in the corners of my mind, my dear mother bought it for me as a Christmas present.

Since, I’ve worn it numerous times. When it’s freezing, I wear it over long warm coats. When it’s not so cold, I wear it over short leather or suede jackets. When it’s dropping in degrees but not nearly enough for a coat, I wear it with a jean jacket and sometimes I wear it because it’s cute!

My old ratty jean jacket I love to wear because it’s distressed and has a few unintentional holes throughout becomes chic and cool with this collar over it. A tiny leather jacket becomes warm. You can literally wear it with anything and become instantly warmer, chicer, cooler and cheaper. You paid $160 for essentially 25 coats, jackets, blazers and vests!

Shop your closet for something to wear with your new collar and spend nothing more.

XX Nastasia ❤

Save Money for the New Year with Cheap Chic Alternatives!

Up there in the “Most Things People Resolve to Do” list is usually something about saving money. But like any fashion fiend knows, it just doesn’t feel right to skimp on style! Here are some stylish pieces celebs loved to splurge on for much cheaper…

Kim Kardashian is hard to keep up with, as we all know. But this time, you can fall right in step. The metal necklace Kim is wearing in this picture is an awesome add-on. Get it here for only $18!


Although Kristin Cavallari and Katherine McPhee are also fans, Ashley Tisdale wore this $605 Alice+Olivia skirt best. To remake this awesome outfit for less, try this Preen skirt for on $45!

Rihanna is officially a style maven, so who doesn’t want to copy cat her pieces, just a litte… Get this similar red lace dress for just $82 and dace your night away!

Nastasia ❤

Look for Less: Ellen Pompeo ft. Black Orchid Jeggings

Hello loves!

My boyfriend thinks it is absolutely ridiculous how packed my room is with piles of magazines. I have a magazine rack I had to lean against my bureau to keep the extra stack of magazines sitting on top of it. I have piles littering the floor under my bed. I have stacks in the keyboard holder on my computer desk. I have stacks in my bookshelf. I have stacks in a storage room that I never even see. Anyway, now that I’m done boring you with all the miscelleaneous ways I store my addiction, I’ll explain why.

The regular magazines like NYLON, GLAMOUR, ELLE, LUCKY, HARPER’S BAZZAR and VOGUE are obvious, right? But the millions of weeklies scattered about are not there because the Kardashian gossip is too juicy to give up. They are there because I love seeing all of the celebrity looks I wish I had the money to afford.

Then there are the outfits I can make affordable. Ah, now I’ve got your attention. Ellen Pompeo was spotted wearing red Black Orchid jeggings, a striped tee and shearling jacket. Here are pieces that allow you to have this look for less!

Let’s start with the stand out piece. Red jeggings have been all over the Hollywood scene. These Calvin Klein alternatives are only $70.

A striped tee can be worn with so many looks, it’s versatile, comfy and fun. The first shirt is the most similar to Ellen’s at $65 but to be honest, I wouldn’t want to pay that much for a tee. This cheaper option at only $16 will have the same effect.

The shearling jacket is a nice neutral touch. It’s structured and on the warm side. The first option from Forever 21 is shearling lined like Ellen’s and for $30, it’s the cheapest. But this $115 Alter jacket is closer in shape and quality. Either way, you’ve got a steal.

Lastly, the hobo bag with gold chain link detail is large enough to carry a multitude of things and is easy to hold either on the shoulder, the forearm or in your hand. Not to mention, it’s trendy. This Vince Camuto option is usually $320 but is currently marked down to only $154!

Nastasia xx