Taxi TV Goes Cheap Chic Shopping!

Hola Cheap Chicers! Did you miss me??

I have been working some long days and sneaking in some fun! A little mix of both came to me in an opportunity to be taped while Cheap Chic Shopping for ABC.

Last week, we met at our favorite Soho haunt and found amazing outfits for our three ladies! Of course, we fished through the sales racks to find a beautiful maxi dress for Jeny and pulled the outfit together with a cheap jean jacket and perfect accessories. We were excited to find a classic outfit for Tracy in a Soho boutique. The awesome classic white denim and chambray shirt were made trendy and exciting with pops of color in the purse and belt. Lastly, we taught the women how to make any outfit instantly chic with a trip to street vendors with cool sunglasses, hats and scarves. With the addition of a colorful printed scarf and cheap aviators, our clients took their tshirts to a completely new look with $10.

The girls were so very excited and the shooting crew were impressed. Jess and I had so much fun, as usual, picking out the cheapest finds and making them chic. Check us out on Taxi TV!

xx Nastasia


Dressing for a Summer Wedding!

Of all the activities that come to mind when you’re thinking of summer, weddings is not at the top of the list. But in actuality, it’s a great time to get married. A lot of really awesome locations boast beautiful outdoor settings. Receptions that are held outside can be magical when they’re done under a sunset or a night full of stars. Anyway, this post is not about beautiful wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses what colors you should choose, even though the Cheap Chic family is buzzing with Jess’ wedding planning updates.

This post is to help you Cheap Chicers that are on the guest list. Here are three outfits you can wear to any type of wedding – glamorous or casual. And each piece is under $50!



This outfit is perfect for a summer wedding. It’s fun, colorful and glamorous. The asymmetrical hemline and the print is right on trend. The great thing about having so many colors, is that you don’t have to worry about matching the wedding party but you’ll look great in group pictures. The bad thing about too many colors is, you have to be careful about accessories and shoes. My tip would be to pick one prominent color in the dress and find a shoe in that color. To avoid being matchy-matchy, you should choose metallic accessories. How glamorous you want to be decides how much jewelry to stack on. This particular dress may not need a necklace but you can really go crazy with the bracelets and it may be fun to stick some color in your arm candy.



Both outfits are more on the casual side but I wanted to give two ideas for a more edgy look and a more classic look, depending on the type of wedding. Actually, more like depending on the type of girl you are! When you have solid color dresses it’s fun to add prints like I did with the leopard shoes and snake skin bag. With the the coral dress, I added neutral and coral accessories. With the purple dress, with its edgy and sexy cutout, I added color with the lips and earrings. Again, adding accessories add personality so depending on how you’re feeling: pile ’em on!



Of course, it isn’t as taboo as before to wear white to a wedding but if you still feel uncomfortable, here’s a fun way to do it. Wear pants! With pants on, your less likely to offend the bride. A pair of slim cut or cropped pants are appropriate for this type of event. To keep it glamorous, wear a top with structure and detail. A trendy peplum top is perfect. Of course, you want to add color. You can go wild with this. You can do neutral, metallic, print, neon or brights. And as always, the more accessories, the more you can project the mood you want. For some, all white is still uncomfortable or they aren’t into wearing pants. If this is the case, a white dress with colorful prints will be just as fun and kind of daring.

You may have noticed I chose wedges or flats. A lot of outdoor locations have beautiful lawns and grassy parts where you have to walk through. The last thing you want is your heel to continuously sink into the grass and dirt so if you’re not sure what the space is like, where wedges or flats to avoid that. Not all summer weddings are outside but these looks will go for indoors or out. Keep in mind that you can find sexy stiletto alternatives for each outfit.

If it is indoors with AC or outdoors with chilly night air, you may want to think of a jacket. You can reach for a cardigan, a leather jacket, a fur shawl, a blazer or even a cape.

xx Nastasia

PS If you want to look get any of these pieces, click the title of the outfit! Remember, each piece is less than $50!

Orla Kiely 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Orla Kiely’s recently opened New York flagship store is pleased to announce the Twelve Days of Christmas Holiday Giveaway!

Counting down towards Christmas day, Orla Kiely will gift lucky participants an array of accessories, homeware, and clothing beginning with twelve holiday mugs culminating in one lucky winner receiving a coveted Jade Rever Coat valued at $685.

The contest will begin Tuesday December 13th and end December 24th.

HOW TO ENTER: Bringing a new twist to The Twelve Days of Christmas participates can enter by email, telephone, or visiting the store with a description of who in their life deserves a special holiday gift. Each day winners will be picked and posted on the Orla Kiely Tumblr page.

Enter by phone at: 212.775.8340

Enter by email at:

 Enter in store:
Orla Kiely Flagship Boutique

5 Mercer Street

New York NY 10013


Monday-Saturday: 11:00am-7:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm – 5:00pm


Below is list of prizes:

December 13th        12 x Mugs

December 14th        11 x Notebooks

December 15th        10 x Room Diffusers

December 16th          9 x Aprons

December 17th          8 X Coin purses

December 18th          7 X  LapTop skins

December 19th          6 x Wash Bags

December 20th         5 x Shoulder Bags

December 21st         4 x Jeanie Bag

December 22nd        3 x Pintuck Dress

December 23rd        2 x Patent Frill

December 24th         1 x Jade Rever Coat

Cheap Chic Outing: QuErica Jewelry Trunk Show!

One of the best things about going to events set in the most obscure areas of NYC is the small gems you discover! When I entered the darkly lit lounge White&Church in Tribeca for the QuÉrica trunk show, I was greeted by up and coming jewelry designer, Erica Lasan. She has been making jewelry by hand for 11 years and this night, she features her newest collection, Rox&Chains 1.0!

The collection is a mix of warm rocks and semi-precious stones and gems with cold industrial chains. They are large and small pieces that can be worn with basically anything. They have the ability to transform outfits from day to night. They can be the stand out piece or they can assist with an outfit that stands out on its own. The great thing about the collection, though is the fact that you can’t choose just one.

In the time that I’m there a customer, Vanessa, who can’t decide between two of her favorite pieces, gives up and buys them both! One of the pieces is also my favorite! The Yettie, named for the designers sister is a necklace made of chain links and two layers of rocks. The coolest part, as Erica quickly demonstrates, is that you can wear it multiple ways. The design is interchangeable and you realize with one purchase you’ve gotten about 5 pieces.

Rox&Chains 1.0 and the QuÉrica line is available at boutiques throughout NYC including Callalilai (USQ and Nolita locations)! Erica also offers custom jewelry!

But this wouldn’t be a Cheap Chic post if I didn’t give you the best part! Everything from the Rox&Chains 1.0 collection is now 50% off at until Jan. 7th!

Check out the QuÉrica brand:




xoxo Nastasia

Cheap Chic Outing: Orla Kiely Flagship Opening!

Hey dolls!

Last night, after an afternoon of being locked out of my house, made late for my night out and coming out of the train station to find my phone so close to dying I was unable to take pictures, I found myself standing in front a small storefront on Mercer in NYC.

Orla Kiely’s first New York store is the type you may walk right past, that is, until you are caught by the warm bright light flooding the sidewalk from the large display window. As I walked in, my spirits were lifted in only a way a mix of popular and obscure music spun by the always fashionable Cory Kennedy and cocktails could.


The event was to celebrate the opening of the flagship store and it boasted a 20% discount on all purchases. So, as expected room was filled with an eclectic mix of colorful people mingling and shopping. And a great black dog licking up the droplets of cocktails off the floor. But that was not what made the atmosphere what it was. Stephanie of Seventh House was great and gave me a tour of the place and I was introduced to the Orla Kiely brand.

Since 1995, the London-based brand has caught the attention of celebs such as Alexa Chung, Kirsten Dunst and Keira Knightley. With its signature retro patterns and graphics, its no surprise that the brand has caught so much attention. Throughout the room there are bags and accessories strategically placed. The household goods like mugs and canisters are set up in a room with a kitchen table surrounded by chairs. A nook made to resemble a study is furnished with a desk and stocked with notebooks and luggage. Lastly, there is a large rack of RTW pieces: dresses, tailored jackets, cardigans, skirts, coats, sweaters and blouses. Everywhere you are reintroduced to the prints, yet the collections are well rounded with simple chic pieces.



The assistant manager Megan and the rest of the team were super nice and helpful and they promise to let me know about any deals they have so we can take advantage!

Basically I had an awesome night! PLUS, I got a cool gift bag… and who doesn’t love goodies!  😉

Love, Nastasia xx

Picture Credits: Carly/BFANYC