Dressing for a Summer Wedding!

Of all the activities that come to mind when you’re thinking of summer, weddings is not at the top of the list. But in actuality, it’s a great time to get married. A lot of really awesome locations boast beautiful outdoor settings. Receptions that are held outside can be magical when they’re done under a sunset or a night full of stars. Anyway, this post is not about beautiful wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses what colors you should choose, even though the Cheap Chic family is buzzing with Jess’ wedding planning updates.

This post is to help you Cheap Chicers that are on the guest list. Here are three outfits you can wear to any type of wedding – glamorous or casual. And each piece is under $50!



This outfit is perfect for a summer wedding. It’s fun, colorful and glamorous. The asymmetrical hemline and the print is right on trend. The great thing about having so many colors, is that you don’t have to worry about matching the wedding party but you’ll look great in group pictures. The bad thing about too many colors is, you have to be careful about accessories and shoes. My tip would be to pick one prominent color in the dress and find a shoe in that color. To avoid being matchy-matchy, you should choose metallic accessories. How glamorous you want to be decides how much jewelry to stack on. This particular dress may not need a necklace but you can really go crazy with the bracelets and it may be fun to stick some color in your arm candy.



Both outfits are more on the casual side but I wanted to give two ideas for a more edgy look and a more classic look, depending on the type of wedding. Actually, more like depending on the type of girl you are! When you have solid color dresses it’s fun to add prints like I did with the leopard shoes and snake skin bag. With the the coral dress, I added neutral and coral accessories. With the purple dress, with its edgy and sexy cutout, I added color with the lips and earrings. Again, adding accessories add personality so depending on how you’re feeling: pile ’em on!



Of course, it isn’t as taboo as before to wear white to a wedding but if you still feel uncomfortable, here’s a fun way to do it. Wear pants! With pants on, your less likely to offend the bride. A pair of slim cut or cropped pants are appropriate for this type of event. To keep it glamorous, wear a top with structure and detail. A trendy peplum top is perfect. Of course, you want to add color. You can go wild with this. You can do neutral, metallic, print, neon or brights. And as always, the more accessories, the more you can project the mood you want. For some, all white is still uncomfortable or they aren’t into wearing pants. If this is the case, a white dress with colorful prints will be just as fun and kind of daring.

You may have noticed I chose wedges or flats. A lot of outdoor locations have beautiful lawns and grassy parts where you have to walk through. The last thing you want is your heel to continuously sink into the grass and dirt so if you’re not sure what the space is like, where wedges or flats to avoid that. Not all summer weddings are outside but these looks will go for indoors or out. Keep in mind that you can find sexy stiletto alternatives for each outfit.

If it is indoors with AC or outdoors with chilly night air, you may want to think of a jacket. You can reach for a cardigan, a leather jacket, a fur shawl, a blazer or even a cape.

xx Nastasia

PS If you want to look get any of these pieces, click the title of the outfit! Remember, each piece is less than $50!


Bridget Mohair Collar

Hello Cheap Chicers!

I love having that one splurge item that is totally worth it’s price in wears. About a year ago, my mom and I was browsing TopShop for shoes when I spotted a Mohair collar in a rust color. It’s huge and furry and warm and $160. Of course, for that price it had to stay in TopShop. However, only a couple weeks later with thoughts of the collar still harboring in the corners of my mind, my dear mother bought it for me as a Christmas present.

Since, I’ve worn it numerous times. When it’s freezing, I wear it over long warm coats. When it’s not so cold, I wear it over short leather or suede jackets. When it’s dropping in degrees but not nearly enough for a coat, I wear it with a jean jacket and sometimes I wear it because it’s cute!

My old ratty jean jacket I love to wear because it’s distressed and has a few unintentional holes throughout becomes chic and cool with this collar over it. A tiny leather jacket becomes warm. You can literally wear it with anything and become instantly warmer, chicer, cooler and cheaper. You paid $160 for essentially 25 coats, jackets, blazers and vests!

Shop your closet for something to wear with your new collar and spend nothing more.

XX Nastasia ❤

Running Errands

Twas the night before Christmas…

And there’s a ton to do. No presents are wrapped; none of the ingredients for Christmas dinner are bought and nails need to be done for the Christmas Eve party! Oh, is that just me? I am probably the only one running around when I should be laying in bed enjoying Christmas movies! Anyway, before I run out of here, I wanted to leave you with an outfit perfect for running errands, just in case you’re with me on the last minute thing!

Running Errands


Chinti and Parker knit top
$550 – net-a-porter.com

Zipper jeans
$77 – lorisshoes.com

Mary jane shoes flat
$30 – modcloth.com

Duffle bag
$18 – peacocks.co.uk

Rachel metal earrings
$8 – nordstrom.com

Dorothy Perkins knitted shawl
$21 – dorothyperkins.com


All the pieces are under $100! Except the sweater which is $550.

Did you think I’d keep you hanging? Here’s a cheap chic alternative!

   Forever 21 Polka Dot Sweater

$23 – forever21.com


Happy Runnings!


xx Nastasia

Casual Friday!

Does your office or career allow you to dress somewat relaxed and casual on fridays? If yes here’s a simple solution above. 1st step, decide on a simple but comfy cardigan. 2nd  Find a blouse or camisole to layer underneath. 3rd Slide into a pair of slacks or if you’re really daring a pair of dark denim wash jeans. Lastly step #4 spritz your favorite fagrance and walk out the door, Instantly chic!