Brocade Babes

I know you’re not supposed to give a woman’s age but after a point, it’s more of an honor than a faux pas. With that said, my grandmother is a young and vibrant 72 years old who has lived through decades of fashion eras. I say this to say, the apartment she’s lived in for almost as many decades is an arsenal of several fashion trends .
For years, looking through my grandmothers library of fashionable pieces: fur, silk and thick cashmere were signs of richness. Right up there with brocade.  And for years, regardless of it’s intricate details, thick fabrics and great prints, I skipped past the pieces made of fabrics usually reserved for curtains, pillows, throws, lamp shades or decorative duvets. You know, home decor.

In this day and age, when it’s the era of mixed prints and opulence, everyone is ready to look rich in brocade.


Here’s how you can become a brocade babe the cheap chic way:








Best riches!

xx Nastasia


A Collar Makes Me Holla, Honey Boo Boo!

So, I promised fall trends and I never break promises! Of course collars have been a big thing for a while. But for the most part, the best collars have been super expensive or DIY’s.

However, these days, our fave cheap chic shops have collars for us.










































This is a trend we all know and love, right? We’re not surprised or happy to find this out. I mean that’s so 2011, right? This is true. These necklace collars are fun but they’ve been around for quite a while. Well, this trend is only growing. Now, the biggest collar trend are real embellished and statement collars. Yes, you can find fun shirts with cool collars. But what if I told you that your plain t-shirts and sweaters could join in on the fun.

Yep, detachable statement collars are new thing. You can add them on top of collared shirts for a layered look or to cover the boring collar all together. You can add them to sheath dresses, t-shirts, sweaters or turtlenecks.

The best thing about buying cheap and making it chic is finding one of a kind pieces. That’s why I love Etsy. Here are a couple of collars you won’t find anywhere else:









Keep shopping one of a kind collars on Etsy here or here.


xx Nastasia

Taxi TV Goes Cheap Chic Shopping!

Hola Cheap Chicers! Did you miss me??

I have been working some long days and sneaking in some fun! A little mix of both came to me in an opportunity to be taped while Cheap Chic Shopping for ABC.

Last week, we met at our favorite Soho haunt and found amazing outfits for our three ladies! Of course, we fished through the sales racks to find a beautiful maxi dress for Jeny and pulled the outfit together with a cheap jean jacket and perfect accessories. We were excited to find a classic outfit for Tracy in a Soho boutique. The awesome classic white denim and chambray shirt were made trendy and exciting with pops of color in the purse and belt. Lastly, we taught the women how to make any outfit instantly chic with a trip to street vendors with cool sunglasses, hats and scarves. With the addition of a colorful printed scarf and cheap aviators, our clients took their tshirts to a completely new look with $10.

The girls were so very excited and the shooting crew were impressed. Jess and I had so much fun, as usual, picking out the cheapest finds and making them chic. Check us out on Taxi TV!

xx Nastasia

It’s Raining Menswear!

My boyfriend has asked me several times if he could tag along for a tour. In response, I remind him that he’d have to wake early on his weekends and shop with a group of women for 3 hours and that usually gets him shutting up fast! However, he does continue to begrudgingly express to me that it’s much easier for women to shop cheap and still look chic. But I’ll show you and the much deserving men in your life, just as I showed him! Here are two causal looks for men. Each piece is less than $50!

The first look features a tank, which has become a trendy piece for men over the past couple years. In a southwestern tribal print, it allows a mix of colors for you to play with when it comes to adding other pieces to the outfit. A nice cargo short in a tan color is a summer staple, it’s comfy, keeps you cool and can be mixed with almost anything. If there’s any discomfort about their arms showing or if they’ll be in an air conditioned place, you can add a bright colored hoodie that compliments the printed tank. I paired this with moccasins in a color represented in the tank and sunglasses. However, any neutral color – including this navy – would work, as long as it is in the same color family.


Tribal Print Tank $8

Cargo Shorts $27.50

Hoodie $20

Moccasins $28

Sunglasses $18

The next look features a dip-dyed shirt. Rather than feeling stuffy, the soft and light fabric makes for a comfortable and cool shirt in the summer. Paired with gray jeans and  bright colored Converse sneakers, you manage to have the effect that a woman has with  a semi-monochromatic outfit and a pop of color at the feet. A trendy accessory men wear are snapback caps. I kept this gray to make the only color stand out in the footwear.


Dip-Dyed Shirt $25

Skinny Jeans $30

All Star Converse $45

RockSmith Snapback $24

These outfits are stylish and fun. They are perfect for summer and can easily transition with cooler days. Of course, these are more on the casual side but just like they thought we couldn’t do this, they’ll be surprised to find we can dress them up for cheap too! If you’d like more menswear posts, leave us a comment… We’ll be happy to oblige!

Have fun surprising your honey with a way to dress cheap and chic. I sure did!


xx Nastasia

LES Shop Local!

You’re in luck shoppers! We’ve got the perfect cheap chic event for you!

This weekend, Lower East Side Business Improvement District’s Shop Local campaign encourages us to shop the local businesses. Tons of stores including LES favorites Earnest Sewn, Babeland, The Great FrogNoiBy Robert JamesWendy Mink, and Occulter are offering discounts and free goodies! We already agreed everyone loves free goodies, correct?

You will be able to tour the LES area scoring awesome deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, music, books, groceries, gifts, homegoods, novelties and even health beauty and fitness services.

Click here for a full list of the shops!