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Cinny will also be eligible to win the grand prize, an iPad!

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Cheap Chic Shopping with Tracy’s New York Life

Tracy Kaler from Tracy’s New York Life was our client on this morning’s Cheap Chic Shopping Tour. Check out the hot Army Green coat she bought for less than $40!?

Cold and Still Chic

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post and it feels great to be back. Since the last time you heard of me via Cheap Chic I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to upgrade my current wardrobe. One item constantly throwing me for a loop is the must have fall/winter coat. For some reason, I always feel that I need a waist length, and ¾ length (hits right above or right on the knee), and an ankle length coat. Yes, I’m talking three different coats here.

I tend to be “open-minded” about spending a bit more for a winter coat; mainly due to a blend of wanting it to last and loving the cooler months. I try not to exceed $350, but being as though this is Cheap Chic, I will narrow my results to coats under $200; and not $199.99. I hate when sites do that. Don’t you?

First up is this Bromley Military Wool Coat available at Kohls (and might I add, at a sweet price of $120.00)? I’m considering buying this myself.


 Bromley – Kohls – $120.00

For those of you who love Parka’s, ever consider a satin down version? If you’re not a lover of the faux fur feature, it is removable. Like two coats in one! All the better in my eyes. $109.00.


Jennifer Lopez – Kohls – $109.00

If pops of color are essential in your wardrobe, why not consider a colorful coat? I get compliments on more traditional choices like my black coats, brown ones, etc. but people really tend to swoon over my matte gold parka, winter white leather coat, and my paisley print ¾ length coat with royal purple, teal, and hints of brown and gold.

If stepping outside of the normal color choices seems appealing, you may be interested in an asymmetrical collar boucle coat by Guess. $149.00. It is on sale via Nordstroms so you may want to take a quick glance before it sells out.


Guess – Nordstroms – $149.00

For those of you shopping for a coat or know of someone who is, feel free to pass this on. Happy hunting Cheap Chicers and stay fashionably warm.

XX Nichole