Brocade Babes

I know you’re not supposed to give a woman’s age but after a point, it’s more of an honor than a faux pas. With that said, my grandmother is a young and vibrant 72 years old who has lived through decades of fashion eras. I say this to say, the apartment she’s lived in for almost as many decades is an arsenal of several fashion trends .
For years, looking through my grandmothers library of fashionable pieces: fur, silk and thick cashmere were signs of richness. Right up there with brocade.  And for years, regardless of it’s intricate details, thick fabrics and great prints, I skipped past the pieces made of fabrics usually reserved for curtains, pillows, throws, lamp shades or decorative duvets. You know, home decor.

In this day and age, when it’s the era of mixed prints and opulence, everyone is ready to look rich in brocade.


Here’s how you can become a brocade babe the cheap chic way:








Best riches!

xx Nastasia


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Do Not Buy This Product!

ImageI caught this amazing cape online, and couldn’t believe the Cheap Chic price. So I put it up on my Cheap Chic Pinterest board. And bought it. Last week, I saw it was waiting for me in front of my apt. Elated, I ripped the bag open, and… found a baby cape. Truly, a cape for a baby aged 2 – 3 years old. They didn’t mention that in the description. Blerg.