While recently walking down the New York City streets of 7th Avenue, I realized that cosmetic options have gone bad; deeper, darker and more mysterious. After entering Sephora and browsing the stations of Macy’s I noticed that practically every makeup brand offered more, shall we say, “Queen of the Damned” inspired eye shadows, blush and lip color options.


For me personally, I would opt for one heavy makeup look certainly not both at a time (heavy eye color and heavy lip color all at once I’m talking). However, if you have the heart, tenacity and courage, life is short; go for it! Whereas us cowardly lions a la Wizard of Oz will keep this look a bit low key.

If wearing both is of interest, Bobbi Brown has set the standard (doesn’t she always) for creating a look of impact that isn’t too over the top. You want to make sure you don’t cross the line from chic to slutty-cheap.

Estee Lauder’s Violet Underground Makeup Collection makes it easy to transition from day to night makeup with even one shade serving as a blush.

NARS (one of my personal makeup fave’s) has a trio eye shadow in High Society that goes from light to medium to deeper (with all three colors complimenting one another for the ability to create a variety of looks).

If velvet makeup is not registering on your beauty radar, you can always opt for velvet inspired nail colors. Ciate’s Velvet Manicure kit includes a lacquer, tube of crushed velvet powder and a small application brush. You can choose from three shades: Berry Poncho (plum), Blue Suede (navy), and Mink Cashmere (grey).

ImageBerry Plum (shown) Sephora – $19.00

Whatever you choose, we hope we were able to help in narrowing down an option or two when considering makeup for the fall.



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