A Collar Makes Me Holla, Honey Boo Boo!

So, I promised fall trends and I never break promises! Of course collars have been a big thing for a while. But for the most part, the best collars have been super expensive or DIY’s.

However, these days, our fave cheap chic shops have collars for us.










































This is a trend we all know and love, right? We’re not surprised or happy to find this out. I mean that’s so 2011, right? This is true. These necklace collars are fun but they’ve been around for quite a while. Well, this trend is only growing. Now, the biggest collar trend are real embellished and statement collars. Yes, you can find fun shirts with cool collars. But what if I told you that your plain t-shirts and sweaters could join in on the fun.

Yep, detachable statement collars are new thing. You can add them on top of collared shirts for a layered look or to cover the boring collar all together. You can add them to sheath dresses, t-shirts, sweaters or turtlenecks.

The best thing about buying cheap and making it chic is finding one of a kind pieces. That’s why I love Etsy. Here are a couple of collars you won’t find anywhere else:









Keep shopping one of a kind collars on Etsy here or here.


xx Nastasia


Blazer Chicness

ImageImageImageImageImageHow chic are these oversized blazers! As you all have noticed from the pictures above, these blazers can be worn just about everywhere. I’m sure you all don’t need to be warned that the price for these amazing blazer dresses are not so cute after all. But no worries, we are all trained to think outside the box here! Dig into your fathers closet OR boyfriends. Trust me, they wont mind! Perhaps belt it to make it less boxy or add some leggings to the outfit if it comes out to be a bit shorter than anticipated. Think about going into thrift shops and find those vintage blazers for dirt cheap. A tailoring job can cost as little as $10 to take a few inches in. If you have the knowledge of taking it in yourself, even better! Now the only problem we have left is figuring out where to wear it to. I’d say thats a good problem to have 😉

Stay Chic Everyone,

xoxo Yerjeny

Smearing Oxblood!

To my dismay, Fall is upon us! While I am not excited at the idea of cold weather, I am excited to layer my summer clothes and incorporate boots and sweaters. Also, with the Fall comes trends we’ve been waiting to wear since February. I’m going to give you a run down of the hottest, or in this weather, the coolest Fall ’12 trends.

This time, we’ll talk OXBLOOD!!



I’ve been waiting almost all year to paint my lips in a matte vampy lipstick like Selena circa the 90’s. But before I knew it, Oxblood was the color of the season and it was about wearing it in every facet; from shirts to shoes to pants to jackets. Here’s a few ways you can incorporate Oxblood into your wardrobe for under $100!


This shirt is awesome because the sheer allows you the chance to add colors and the embellished collar is right on trend.




This sweater is a nice sweater for the weather. I’m really loving the crew neck, which can be embellished with collars or bib necklaces or it can be worn in it’s most organic state.







This sweatshirt is a great way to bring this high fashion trend into super casual wear. The spikes are an incredibly fun detail that you can work into a more styled outfit or with sweatpants and Nike house shoes.






This dress is fun. It can be worn super simple or dressed all the way up. The cutouts are on trend and sultry while the flowing skirt allows a bit of innocence and fun.







These Corduroy skinnies are perfect for the season. It gives great texture, perfect fabric for the colder weather and a great shape for layering silhouettes.







This tailored blazer makes for an amazing outfit toppers. Over a monochromatic outfit or mixed with prints, or simply over a tee and jeans, it’s perfect for this weather. And when it gets colder, you can later it over a hoodie or a jean jacket which is a new fun trend to try.







I’m in love with parka’s… I think they are comfy, warm and along the lines of hipster chic. In this color, it’s more chic than anything else.







Flat shoes with a pointy toe is so on trend. In this oxblood color with the gold tip, it is chic, trendy and can be worn with a variety of outfits.







These Isabel Marant inspired sneaker-wedges are all the rage these days. And there down to $40 from $65.







I’m a high heel girl, so I had to find a beautiful pump in this oxblood color. These are great with several outfits; the embellishment can be fun or fancy; and you can wear them with tights or socks for the colder weather. AND guess what?? It’s $40 down from it’s original $100.







Of course you just can not forget the beauty products. Use Oxblood colors on either your nails or your lips or be a true vixen and wear it on both! I have several choices I love. These two are just one of the picks for lips and nails.













Or be a trailblazer like the ultimate trendsetter, Rihanna and wear the oxblood hair!


xx Nastasia


While recently walking down the New York City streets of 7th Avenue, I realized that cosmetic options have gone bad; deeper, darker and more mysterious. After entering Sephora and browsing the stations of Macy’s I noticed that practically every makeup brand offered more, shall we say, “Queen of the Damned” inspired eye shadows, blush and lip color options.


For me personally, I would opt for one heavy makeup look certainly not both at a time (heavy eye color and heavy lip color all at once I’m talking). However, if you have the heart, tenacity and courage, life is short; go for it! Whereas us cowardly lions a la Wizard of Oz will keep this look a bit low key.

If wearing both is of interest, Bobbi Brown has set the standard (doesn’t she always) for creating a look of impact that isn’t too over the top. You want to make sure you don’t cross the line from chic to slutty-cheap.

Estee Lauder’s Violet Underground Makeup Collection makes it easy to transition from day to night makeup with even one shade serving as a blush.

NARS (one of my personal makeup fave’s) has a trio eye shadow in High Society that goes from light to medium to deeper (with all three colors complimenting one another for the ability to create a variety of looks).

If velvet makeup is not registering on your beauty radar, you can always opt for velvet inspired nail colors. Ciate’s Velvet Manicure kit includes a lacquer, tube of crushed velvet powder and a small application brush. You can choose from three shades: Berry Poncho (plum), Blue Suede (navy), and Mink Cashmere (grey).

ImageBerry Plum (shown) Sephora – $19.00

Whatever you choose, we hope we were able to help in narrowing down an option or two when considering makeup for the fall.


Got #FashionWeekProblems?

Warning – Hilarity ahead! I had a fab time working with @KmartConcierge for this NYFW campaign. Tweet ’em if you’re at the tents!

xo Jess


Fall is a bittersweet moment for me; on one hand I am elated to experience cooler weather and less humidity while on the other, I hate leaves disappearing. Equally so, I’m not ready to say goodbye to lighter, whimsical materials, sandals, some shorts and dresses. As I look for inspiration in fashion magazines, online portals, fashion channels, etc. I realized I do need to increase the versatility of my handbags. So which yummy handbags did I find to share with you? Continue on.

Fall is all about rich dark colors (typically) but don’t be hesitant to think about vivacious colors for your handbag. Sure reach for those candy colored jeans, skirts or even boots but don’t stop there; consider brighter colored handbags (especially if you are a black handbag wearer such as I).

First up is this lovely orange satchel; it can be worn with or without the strap. The double handles and brass hardware gives this handbag the right amount of chic and spunk.


Botkier – eBags.com ($244.99)

This royal blueberry inspired goodness is smaller with suede, stitch detailing and strap metal applications complete with a lined interior.


Pierre Darre $91 (Yoox.com)

Although I am more partial to L.A.M.B’s shoe’s than handbags, this showcases a more muted color but is definitely chic and (I am predicting here) timeless.


River Stone Lock Tote – L.A.M.B ($280.00)

This is such a wild card complete with an elaborate pattern but I just adored it. Being as though fall collections also showed mixing of more than one pattern (the trick there is to have wear two patterns with the same color aesthetic) I thought that I would give this handbag a little time to shine.


La Boheme Satchel – Isabella Fiore ($316.00)

Whatever color option you choose the goal is to experiment but be true to your own personal style. In the event that you are not a fan of colored handbags and don’t even like to, “taste the rainbow” via the tag line of Skittles, you can still wear handbags of a more “traditional” color and pair it with a pump, peep toe, flat boot, stiletto boot, sneaker or ankle bootie that gives your ensemble a “color splash”. We just encourage you to take style one fashionable step at a time.
XX Nichole