As summer draws to an end you may find yourself scouring through fashion magazine’s reading up on fall’s staple wardrobe items. However if your like me, opening your closet and sighing, wishing that some of those summer pieces would transition into fall comes all too naturally. What items don’t automatically need to be packed up and moved out into storage for next year? Cheap Chic has a few suggestions. 

Try pairing hi-lo skirts with ankle booties. Not sure what hi-lo skirts are? You have seen them around in addition to the hi-low shirts; higher in the front and longer in the back to cover your bum. Try pairing this skirt with an ankle bootie, perhaps a sleeveless turtleneck and a cropped motorcycle jacket.   




Cropped Motorcycle Jacket – Zappos ($198.00) 



Textured Hi-low skirt – Charlotte Russe ($25.00)



Velvet Keyhole Ankle Booties – Charlotte Russe ($40.00) 


Another item that can transition to fall is shorts. I personally have been stumped upon this dilemma but am elated at pairing my Diane Von Furstenberg beaded and lace shorts with stockings, Mary Jane pumps, a cable knit sweater and a wide belt cinched at the waist. However, if sweaters are not your thing, an alternate choice could be a button up blouse paired with the shorts. 


Cable-knit Sweater – Burberry ($795.00) 

Now don’t look shocked. I provided the above Burberry sweater to provide a visual in choosing a sweater that would compliment and showcase the beaded shorts below.


Beaded Shorts – Diane Von Furstenberg ($100.00; on sale). 


Again if cable knit sweaters are not for you, here is option #2: 


Tinley Road – Piperlime ($40.00) 




Bordello Glitter Concealed Platform Pump Intimate Wholesalers – $70.00 

These are just a few options that can be transitioned from summer to fall. There are plenty of other pieces in your closet that could use some fall loving. Stop from packaging those maxi dresses. They can be paired with flat riding boots or ankle booties with cropped jackets with a multi-layered necklace. Just take a few minutes and re-introduce yourself with the garments in your closet; the key in my opinion is layering. You never know what you can discover. Happy Hunting. 



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Money can't buy style. Buy it cheap. Make it chic. Cheap Chic Shopping Tours is a three hour shopping tour that helps you build a new wardrobe for $100 bucks.

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