Stripes & Sandals in Santa Monica

Gloomy summer days can be confusing.  You still want to dress for the summer, but still want to put on your comfortable jeans and long sleeved shirts.  These ladies show show how you  can make the best of both world work.  With a colorful striped T-shirt and some sandals, you’re maintaining that “summery” feel, yet the sleeve gives you that comfort on a chilly day, versus wearing a tank top.  Although striped t-shirts are adorable for the beach, make sure that your t-shirt isn’t too tight! In general, horizontal stripes can make your stomach area look larger.  There two ladies wear a slightly loose t-shirt, which flatters their body.  This design can quickly go from a fashion yes to a fashion faux pas.  Whether you decide to go with a belt accessory or sunglasses, this outfit is great because the accessory possibilities are endless.  With bold designs, it’s more difficult to add a necklace or hat, etc. as it may look overwhelming.  This simplistic outfit gives you the opportunity to get creative!

Hat: Simply Beach $41

Brown Sandals: Asos $30   White Sandals: Forever 21 $13

Backpack: Wet Seal $30

Shirt: Abercrombie $31  Jeans: Hollister $35

Sunglasses: Oc Shades $12

Belt: Sheplers $23  Scarf: Mod Cloth $20

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins $14

Lip Gloss: American Apparel$12  Nail Polish Set: Nordstrom $17

Have a fun summer weekend.


@Lindsay Wess


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