As summer draws to an end you may find yourself scouring through fashion magazine’s reading up on fall’s staple wardrobe items. However if your like me, opening your closet and sighing, wishing that some of those summer pieces would transition into fall comes all too naturally. What items don’t automatically need to be packed up and moved out into storage for next year? Cheap Chic has a few suggestions. 

Try pairing hi-lo skirts with ankle booties. Not sure what hi-lo skirts are? You have seen them around in addition to the hi-low shirts; higher in the front and longer in the back to cover your bum. Try pairing this skirt with an ankle bootie, perhaps a sleeveless turtleneck and a cropped motorcycle jacket.   




Cropped Motorcycle Jacket – Zappos ($198.00) 



Textured Hi-low skirt – Charlotte Russe ($25.00)



Velvet Keyhole Ankle Booties – Charlotte Russe ($40.00) 


Another item that can transition to fall is shorts. I personally have been stumped upon this dilemma but am elated at pairing my Diane Von Furstenberg beaded and lace shorts with stockings, Mary Jane pumps, a cable knit sweater and a wide belt cinched at the waist. However, if sweaters are not your thing, an alternate choice could be a button up blouse paired with the shorts. 


Cable-knit Sweater – Burberry ($795.00) 

Now don’t look shocked. I provided the above Burberry sweater to provide a visual in choosing a sweater that would compliment and showcase the beaded shorts below.


Beaded Shorts – Diane Von Furstenberg ($100.00; on sale). 


Again if cable knit sweaters are not for you, here is option #2: 


Tinley Road – Piperlime ($40.00) 




Bordello Glitter Concealed Platform Pump Intimate Wholesalers – $70.00 

These are just a few options that can be transitioned from summer to fall. There are plenty of other pieces in your closet that could use some fall loving. Stop from packaging those maxi dresses. They can be paired with flat riding boots or ankle booties with cropped jackets with a multi-layered necklace. Just take a few minutes and re-introduce yourself with the garments in your closet; the key in my opinion is layering. You never know what you can discover. Happy Hunting. 



The Deal Hunter Diary


My girl, Lauren Messiah has launched a fab frugalista blog entitled, The Deal Hunter Diary. And look who she got for an in-depth Q&A… Click here for more on my $62 Stuart Weitzman wedding shoes.


Good Day Columbus!

Good Day Columbus was definitely a good morning! Assisting as Columbus’ Lead Cheap Chic Stylist to the talented Fashion Stylist/ Shopping Expert Jess Zaino, was literally a whirlwind of fun and full of cheap, chic fashion finds. The most amazing of finds was the “pharmacy look” that Jess purchased from a Walgreens and CVS on Rt. 71, not only blew my mind but everyone’s in the studio!

With the perfect white tank and the most gorgeous floral printed skirt…it just screamed chic! Next time your running in for some mascara, check out the clothing! The other two looks were just as amazing.

The Miss Tina by Tina Knowles for Walmart (yes, as in Beyonce’s Mom) collection is to die. The leopard printed top (which is something I HAVE to buy), to the dark washed denim, was sleek, sexy, and was polished off sweetly with a black ballet flat, also from Walmart.

The grand finale though was the infamous summer dress that you love so much you want to wear year round! With a cobalt blue tight, black blazer that everyone needs because of its versatility, and an ankle boot all from Target, it was spot on for the fashionable and trendy girl. Throw on some affordable jewelry, “more is more,” as Jess says, and you are a cheap, chic girl.

xx Revae

I Bought A Tutu

Every few years I do a photo shoot that represents who am I. Images to send along with interview requests. To post to my various blogs and such. And for over a decade, I have worked with photog, M. David Leeds to do so. Since my hair is now long, and my years are much more wise, I figured a photo shoot was the perfect thing to showcase my new adult self. So, I bought a tutu.

Yup, a tutu from the Capezio flagship store in Times Square, NYC for $17. Paired with a $18 blush pink leotard. American Apparel can suck it charging $80 for such an item. And I knew I wanted my H&M (p)leather vest or Forever 21 chambray top with tons of accessories, for that whimsical magical mixed with rough and tumble black swan gone bad vibe. Or rather, a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired mix of sweet and salty, as the cutie fancy boy pointed out to me, while admiring my tutu at Capezio.

Esmae, an Assistant Stylist on my Chew and Cheap Chic style team, effortlessly guided the pieces together to make the looks pop. And Shon, my amazing partner in Glam Squad crime turned the make-up out! My cheekbones have never looked so defined. And of course, my man with the cam, M. David Leeds shot some amazing photos that I can’t wait to share with you. So enjoy the sneak peek from my cell phone shots and I’ll give a twirl when the actual photos go up. Curtain down.

Love, Jess

Super Cheap, Super Chic

I’m sure you all have heard about shopping for an outfit for under $100. But how about shopping for three outfits for under $100? Well, your prayers have been answered!. Check us out tomorrow (Wednesday) on better TV for exclusive details on where to find these killer deals! Here is a picture for a sneak preview on whats to come. Don’t miss out on the secrets that will save you hundreds!

Stay Chic,


Brocade Is The Next Big Thing

The pleasure of touring the country on a series of national Cheap Chic Shopping appearances is tremendous! The culture, the twang, the food… the fashion! I’ve been bopping around Columbus, Ohio this week with my Cheap Chic Stylist, Revae, readying our segment tomorrow for FOX 28’s Good Day Columbus. Much like New York, it’s easy to buy it cheap and make it chic at outside the box places; $2.99 Wedge Heels at Walgreens, adorable accessories for mere cents at Ollie’s Discount Store and the countless thrift stores that pepper the city make it super easy.

Unlike New York, the fashions are, well… different. BCBG is a brand that dominates and J Brand Brocade denim is the THING for the Fall season. If you’re not up for the $250 plus price tag, hit up the Target in Easton for a similar pair for less than $20.


And if you want more info on a Columbus tour, ask for my girl, Revae, here or email me here. She’ll take good care of you.

Be My Bebe

 Got this insider invite to a bebe event in NYC this Thursday. Sip, nibbles & style, plus! a double-decker bus pick-up?! Cheerio, mate! I’m there.

Cheap Chic Shopping Makes It Mo’ Better

This morning I had the pleasure of partaking in a Cheap Chic Shopping segment for Better TV. I had met host, Audra Lowe previously at a party, and both she and I couldn’t get enough of sharing steals and deals that we’ve found over the years, so reconnecting with her on set was a blast!

I featured three Cheap Chic Shopping looks modeled by “actual clients, “real girls” if you will, as Cheap Chic Shopping is for everyone, not just the professional models you normally see on-air. One of the models, may even be a bridesmaid of mine… who am I kidding? Meg, a hairstylist at Salon V in the  East Village, was bold and brave enough to rock the pharmacy chic look, which YES! came from the pharmacy. Including the $1 shoes, and polka-dot beer cooler I repurposed as a clutch for $2.50.

I had originally purchased Yuri’s shirt at H&M for $20 but on the way to the fitting, I found a similar dark denim button-down from a street vendor for $3!!? Of course, I negotiated that down to $2 matched with the $15 Old Navy dark denim, which topped the outfit out at $17!?

Rounding out the group of Cheap Chic cuties was Danielle. She loved her yellow, floral Summer dress so I made sure to refresh it for Fall with a fantastically rock glam leather-like jacket for $19 and tights I scored for $3 in the bargain bin. Her awesome booties, complete in trendy taupe for Fall with side fringe was $14 at my secret Soho spot. Come shopping on tour with me to find out more about that.

As for the segment, it airs next Wednesday, August 15. Click here to locate time and listings.

xo, Jess

Feeling Blue

If you’re wondering what colors are going to be translated throughout the entire year, It’s safe to say that the color Blue is one of them. All kinds of Blues, especially Cobalt Blue, its stronger than ever before! Nail polish, mascara, eyeshadows, shoes, dresses, blazers, pants, even blue hair dye, you name it. Its literally taking over. Blue is everywhere! So if you’re feeling Blue this year all year round, it might just be a good thing!

Stripes & Sandals in Santa Monica

Gloomy summer days can be confusing.  You still want to dress for the summer, but still want to put on your comfortable jeans and long sleeved shirts.  These ladies show show how you  can make the best of both world work.  With a colorful striped T-shirt and some sandals, you’re maintaining that “summery” feel, yet the sleeve gives you that comfort on a chilly day, versus wearing a tank top.  Although striped t-shirts are adorable for the beach, make sure that your t-shirt isn’t too tight! In general, horizontal stripes can make your stomach area look larger.  There two ladies wear a slightly loose t-shirt, which flatters their body.  This design can quickly go from a fashion yes to a fashion faux pas.  Whether you decide to go with a belt accessory or sunglasses, this outfit is great because the accessory possibilities are endless.  With bold designs, it’s more difficult to add a necklace or hat, etc. as it may look overwhelming.  This simplistic outfit gives you the opportunity to get creative!

Hat: Simply Beach $41

Brown Sandals: Asos $30   White Sandals: Forever 21 $13

Backpack: Wet Seal $30

Shirt: Abercrombie $31  Jeans: Hollister $35

Sunglasses: Oc Shades $12

Belt: Sheplers $23  Scarf: Mod Cloth $20

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins $14

Lip Gloss: American Apparel$12  Nail Polish Set: Nordstrom $17

Have a fun summer weekend.


@Lindsay Wess