Tanning in LA

  This week, I got to try out the product Tropic Spa Tan.  A tanning machine that can be used from the comfort of your home.  I’m not one to tan outside, as I would rather stay pale than get a skin disease from the sun.  Although I don’t lay out, I still want to have some color.  I was excited to try this product, since it has been tested to not cause any danger towards your skin.  My number one fear gone!  These beautiful ladies were awesome in assisting me and explaining all of the cool features.  Stacy Broff (right), uses the product at her home and said she’s never been happier.  And now gets the scary part…how much is this? It costs $400.00.  I know what you’re thinking, why on earth am I talking about this product if it’s over $100?! Fortunately for you, they have an awesome deal where you can try out the product for a 30 day trial.  If you like it, you can split up the payment monthly, versus paying all of that mulla upfront. So note to all cheap chic buyers:  ALWAYS CHECK FOR A DEAL BEFORE MAKING ANY PURCHASE.  You never know what kind of sales, or online coupons are offered.  Our philosophy is buying something cheap, but making it look chic.  Well, what if you want something expensive and can’t find a look alike item for cheaper? That’s where this tip comes into play.  Don’t be scared by the initial price.  Always check for the deal!

~An outfit to go with your golden look~

These two ladies of the sun are sporting jean and print blouses.  An outfit that is flattering, and can either be worn during the day and still look good at night.

Blouses from Left to Right

1. Art Fit Shop $39   2. Dorothy Perkins $27   3. Rom We $26

Jeans from Left to Right

1. Hollister $35   2. Hollister $30     3. Hollister $25

Black pumps: Forever 21 $37

Black flats: Gap $40

Orange Clutch: Boohoo $25

Hat: Wet Seal $13

Orange Scarf: Reiss $37

Sunglasses: Retro Planet $7

Stay Golden!!


@Lindsay Wess


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