LA Jean Attire

Who said “black is for winter”? I promise you, I didn’t! Black is always elegant for a night out and is sliming for any figure.  If you want to pair a black top with a more summer bottom, you can go for a lighter jean, and some open toe wedges.  Keep in mind, not all black tops are flattering.  So just because its black doesn’t mean it has to be tight.  The woman above is wearing a flattering black flowy top, while still showing off her figure.  Add some fun gold bangles to finish off the look.  When to add gold bangles?  When you aren’t wearing gold clothing.  A gold belt or necklace is fine, but if you’re wearing a gold shirt, stick to simple and not as flashy jewelry.  

Find the clothing above here:

Jeans: Hollister $40

Bangles: Forever 21 $6.80

Shoes: Mod Cloth $48

Top: Top Shop $24

Purse: DSW $24.95


This colorful tourist walking through the streets of LA, shows off her gypsy “harem” pants, while styling it with a fitted jean vest and a basic white tee.  To dress her outfit, she went with a black and gold over the shoulder purse.  In most cases, if your outfit is ever lacking in the dressy department, you can always add a nice purse or statement necklace.  In this case, she kept it simple with the purse, and let her pants speak for themselves.  With all of the vibrant colors she kept it moderately simple with the rest of her outfit in order that her look doesn’t become too overwhelming.

Find the clothing above here:

Nail Polish: Amazon $5.30

Pants: Boo Hoo $24.00

Purse: Jane Norman $25

Shoes: H&M $15

Vest: Etsy $45

Have a refreshing weekend!



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