When you think about it summer is almost over; but the weather is still pelting. If you are like us at Cheap Chic; fashionably sweating I am talking about here, clothing choices have to be selected carefully. Naturally fabric selection should be exercised with caution and even certain colors can draw heat. So what can we wear to aid in the mission to try to keep cool? Read on; we’ve got you covered. 

First off, let’s take a virtual trip to India. What shall we explore via this destination? Harem pants! Yes they are everywhere but here we embrace trends (well some) but we emphasize making one’s you want to adopt, your own. I personally wear these and they are great! Being ultra-chic, comfy, available in various fabrics and slightly different cuts are the harem pants specialty. Not to mention they are ideal for air circulation which is great for what? Keeping cool. Ready for some options? 

Bold colors are ‘in’ for summer and this trend will definitely carry over into fall. Consider trying harem pants in green. 


Go Jane ; $18.40  


If you are a print lover such as myself, a possible consideration would be these…….


Forever 21 ; $19.80 


This is a slightly different pattern for harem pants; and note the pop of color in the shoes


Whatever your style may be (and perhaps we haven’t covered it here) you can definitely find it with this option for staying cool in the summer. Don’t fret if none of the above choices make your heart sing; go out and explore! Harem pants are available in so many different colors, fabrics and cuts, regardless of body type or taste level; if this works, you are surely bound to find one that will help you not sweat but glisten. 


XX Nichole 


About Cheap Chic Shopping Tours

Money can't buy style. Buy it cheap. Make it chic. Cheap Chic Shopping Tours is a three hour shopping tour that helps you build a new wardrobe for $100 bucks.

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