Good Day LA Looks

What an amazing experience on Good Day LA!  It was great to show off looks all under $100, and some being under $20.  From pharmacy chic to shop your boyfriends closet, all of the women rocked their look, making inexpensive clothing look chic.  For an inexpensive look at a convenient location, try the pharmacy.  Today, our model Genelle showed off her beautiful pharmacy look for a total of $36.20.  Rule # 1 of Cheap Chic Shopping: You buy it CHEAP & you make it CHIC.  Always think outside of the box.  For an affordable look, Forever 21 doesn’t always have to be your first stop.  Many Pharmacies, gas stations, and 7-11’s will carry clothing as well.  Not to mention, they’re open 24 hours.  So if your bag at the airport gets lost, and no stores are open yet, you can always count on a pharmacy to have your look.  A 3 pack of S Hanes make a great foundation piece, which are sold at most of these stores.  They retail for approximately $2.25 per shirt.   Find a simple cardigan, and you’ve got yourself an outfit from the pharmacy!

You can find the clothing above here:

Skirt: Mogul Interior Designs $19

Cardigan: $25

Shoes: $27

Tank: $1.20

Our next model Lindsey wore a yellow maxi dress, inspired by Blake Lively at the Savages premier.  The dress on Good Day LA only costed $10, and was found at an awesome thrift store called Crossroads in LA.  If you want this or a different look inspired by a celebrity, there are many ways to go about doing this.  You can bring magazine clippings that show off the styles you’re hunting for.  They’ll help you focus on what you want. If you’re all only going to thrift stores, make sure to bring cash as many of these stores will not take credit cards.  Look for brand names, as the material is usually great quality and made to last.  Most importantly, be patient because shopping can often be disorganized when walking through a thrift store.  Haggle…or at least try. Be open to the idea of asking for a better price.  The worst they can say is no.

You can find the clothing above here:

Dress: I Any Wear $26

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins $12

Lipstick: Top Shop $16

Looking for that look that everyone is wearing? Our third model Shawn, mixed many trends in a complimenting way.  Her total look was $62.97 at Target.  How to work with trends?  Spot what’s hot and put a list together.  Mix some floral denim with a peplum top.  Add a statement necklace, and throw on some awesome neon shoes.  You should keep in mind when looking to buy trendy items that time is money.  Make a plan, and know what you want when you’re shopping.  Try shopping in the morning as all new merchandise will be on the racks.  Best time to shop!  Also you will have the space in the store and the energy to try on many things.

You can find the clothing above here:

Pants: $35

Top: Ally Fashion $15

Necklace: Asos $20

Shoes: Charlotte Russe $15

As for myself, I was very pleased to model the conservative work outfit.  This classic look is great for any interview or just another day at work.  You can wear this at work to a nice dinner without feeling out of place.  The total cost of my outfit today was $94.85 from H&M and Express .  What are classic items?  White tees, pencil skirts, button down blouses, pumps, v-neck sweaters, and dark wash denim.  But what is crucial about a classic look is the fit.  It should look refined while being luxurious.  The key is to look for something that flatters your body.  A pencil shape will give shape to a flat booty, as well as a lady-like waist.  One word: Seaming.  More seaming will give you that pricier look.  Embellishments will upgrade any look.  Another tip is to work those neutrals!  You will look crisp, efficient, and classy.  Add a lady like bag to have a complete and polished look.

You can find the clothing above here:

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins $28

Shirt: VILA $25

Shoes: Forever 21 $20

Necklace: Go Jane $16.70

Ring: Week Day $5

Purse: Forever 21 $20

For a last minute look you can always shop your boyfriends closet.  Our model Leah looked so put together for a look that you can find in any  mans closet.  The total outfit costed a whopping $0!!  To make this outfit look feminine, grab some outfits from his closet it, and match it with other items in your wardrobe.  Add a belt to his shirt in order to change the silhouette, making it more feminine.  Generally, fedora hat is thought of as menswear, or menswear-inspired women’s-wear.  This can be best paired with neutrals or classics.  But what’s the best thing about the fedora?  You can look amazingly pulled together, while hiding your bad hair day.  I’d call this a win win.  To add a little glam to your outfit, an oversized watch is practical and beautiful, showing that you’re responsible, and giving your style that extra bling without trying too hard.

You can find the clothing above here:

Shirt: Old Navy $20

Belt: Rom We $27.99

Shorts: Old Navy $12

Fedora: Modcloth $18


Hope you enjoyed the segment on Good Day LA!!



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