Looking for a Boost?

I must admit that while I am not an advocate for sneakers, the concept of platform sneakers has grown upon me. If you are like me, you may be a bit stumped when it comes to applying this aesthetic to your wardrobe. You may also have questions as to how to make this look a bit more ‘seasoned’ while avoiding looking like an extra from a Disney movie.

My personal favorites (regarding style and overall design concept) stem from Jeffrey Campbell’s version; a platform heel that shows more shoe and less sole.

Image  Jeffrey Campbell $160.00 (www.shopbop.com

If daring is your middle name, then leopard platform sneakers may speak volumes. Soft vegan suede sneaks showcase a thick, black rubber flat platform that raises you about 1.5”. Image

SixtySeven  $160.00 (www.shopbop.com

For those who love the concept of obvious display in sole height, these perforated sneakers are your ideal.


Jil Sander $340 (www.saksfifthavenue.com)  

They can be paired with jeggings, skinny jeans, skirts and casual jumpsuits. Mix and dress up before stepping outside. As with any other trend, I encourage to experiment, edit and above all else, make it your own.

 XX Nichole

Taxi TV Goes Cheap Chic Shopping!

Hola Cheap Chicers! Did you miss me??

I have been working some long days and sneaking in some fun! A little mix of both came to me in an opportunity to be taped while Cheap Chic Shopping for ABC.

Last week, we met at our favorite Soho haunt and found amazing outfits for our three ladies! Of course, we fished through the sales racks to find a beautiful maxi dress for Jeny and pulled the outfit together with a cheap jean jacket and perfect accessories. We were excited to find a classic outfit for Tracy in a Soho boutique. The awesome classic white denim and chambray shirt were made trendy and exciting with pops of color in the purse and belt. Lastly, we taught the women how to make any outfit instantly chic with a trip to street vendors with cool sunglasses, hats and scarves. With the addition of a colorful printed scarf and cheap aviators, our clients took their tshirts to a completely new look with $10.

The girls were so very excited and the shooting crew were impressed. Jess and I had so much fun, as usual, picking out the cheapest finds and making them chic. Check us out on Taxi TV!

xx Nastasia

Tanning in LA

  This week, I got to try out the product Tropic Spa Tan.  A tanning machine that can be used from the comfort of your home.  I’m not one to tan outside, as I would rather stay pale than get a skin disease from the sun.  Although I don’t lay out, I still want to have some color.  I was excited to try this product, since it has been tested to not cause any danger towards your skin.  My number one fear gone!  These beautiful ladies were awesome in assisting me and explaining all of the cool features.  Stacy Broff (right), uses the product at her home and said she’s never been happier.  And now gets the scary part…how much is this? It costs $400.00.  I know what you’re thinking, why on earth am I talking about this product if it’s over $100?! Fortunately for you, they have an awesome deal where you can try out the product for a 30 day trial.  If you like it, you can split up the payment monthly, versus paying all of that mulla upfront. So note to all cheap chic buyers:  ALWAYS CHECK FOR A DEAL BEFORE MAKING ANY PURCHASE.  You never know what kind of sales, or online coupons are offered.  Our philosophy is buying something cheap, but making it look chic.  Well, what if you want something expensive and can’t find a look alike item for cheaper? That’s where this tip comes into play.  Don’t be scared by the initial price.  Always check for the deal!

~An outfit to go with your golden look~

These two ladies of the sun are sporting jean and print blouses.  An outfit that is flattering, and can either be worn during the day and still look good at night.

Blouses from Left to Right

1. Art Fit Shop $39   2. Dorothy Perkins $27   3. Rom We $26

Jeans from Left to Right

1. Hollister $35   2. Hollister $30     3. Hollister $25

Black pumps: Forever 21 $37

Black flats: Gap $40

Orange Clutch: Boohoo $25

Hat: Wet Seal $13

Orange Scarf: Reiss $37

Sunglasses: Retro Planet $7

Stay Golden!!


@Lindsay Wess

Dainty Little Thing

I am loving dainty jewelry lately. Especially the top knuckle rings! There is no argument that these rings are super chic. They are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. For the girl with a simple style that would just prefer to wear one, or the edgy type that would rather stack them up, Theres no reason not to fall in love with them! These top knuckle rings are huge at the moment and will continue standing strong throughout the Fall and Winter. If I were you, I would rack up on them. Not to mention the prices are all under $15. I know what you’re thinking, AMAZING!

SALE- Gold Knuckle Ring- SALE


Feminine, Delicate, 14K Gold Knuckle Ring Jewelry Accessory FREE SHIPPING


Infinity ring or Infinity knuckle ring


Hugs & Kisses,


Spare, but Gorgeous

As these summer days slowly turn into autumn nights, one trend we have been noticing (and loving!) here at Cheap Chic is minimal accessories.  At the Teen Choice Awards this year, many celebs rocked simple, spare but gorgeous jewelry.  This is an awesome trend because wearing minimal jewelry really allows whatever killer frock you’re rocking to shine through and take the spotlight, while at the same time giving you a complete look.  One of my favorite actresses, Zoe Saldana, worked this trend perfectly by wearing just simple earrings, a bracelet and a ring.


Check out some awesome inexpensive, minimal and oh so pretty jewelry I found at Aldo shoes below, and remember that you don’t need a red carpet event to look beautiful, nor do you need to spend red carpet prices to feel like a million bucks.  Stay stylish Cheap Chicers!

(from top to bottom:  Siller earrings $8.98, Hammitt necklace $12, Clotild ring $8.98)

xx Patrick




One Piece Outfits in LA

On days where putting an outfit together from top to pants to accessories is too taunting of a task, just throw on a dress or romper! Simple, chic, and affordable 🙂


Put on a romper and you’re good to go.  With the frills on this romper, no accessories are needed.  Just some simple sandals and a casual bag to complete the outfit.  No need to make things complicated.  Many women have the trouble of not knowing when to stop adding accessories. A common misconception about styling is that outfits always need jewelry, or something in addition to the clothing itself.  The cliche` expression, “Less is More” isn’t said for nothing.  This casual outfit is elegant, and a great example of looking good with just one clothing piece.

You may all be wondering why I haven’t mentioned the fact the girl above is wearing brown and black together.  Rest assured that black and brown is perfectly fine to wear together.  Just make sure that they’re the proper mixing shades.  If you’re going to wear black, pair with a light brown accessory.  It will come off looking more like a dark beige or coffee color than a brown.


Get this look!

Dress: $38 Misselfridge.com

Purse: $15 Etsy

Sunglasses: $9.50 GoJane.com

Bronzer: $10 BH Cosmetics

Lipstick: $25 Lord and Taylor


This outfit is what summer is all about. Finding a light, flowy, effortless dress is a must have for the summer.  You still have time to find one! Fall collections won’t start coming in for another month.  Not only is this a beautiful color blue, but finding a nice tie dye print can be tough.  Most tie dye prints are out dated, and just don’t look refined.  This design works because it’s a light tie dye.  This color dress doesn’t overpower the dress, and it looks more of a faded blue than a tie dye print.  Add some fun color sandals to give your outfit more even more vibrance.


Get this look:

Dress: $23 Nordstrom

Shoes: $20 Wet Seal

Purse: $29 Kohls

Headband: $12 Pac Sun

Sunglasses: $12 Oc Shades

Lip Gloss: $18 Bare Escentuals

Have a beautiful summer weekend



Summer Dresses in Fall?

Yes, ladies we can rock our summer dresses long into fall ! As we all know there is still a little more then a month left of summer, yet you just cant help avoid all the awesome fall collections that are already arriving into stores. But who wants to start fall shopping in the middle of July?   We cant all afford a whole new wardrobe every time the seasons change. Here are some tips on how to transition your wardrobe into fall and stretch an extra couple months wearing your favorite summer dresses right through the changing leaves. 




Now how can we take these summer looks and coordinate them with fall’s breezier climates you say ? Easy !





TIP 1: Wear opaque tights under your summer dress. (trust me it will look like your wearing something brand new) 

TIP 2: Start sneaking in some fall colors into your outfits, like mustards, oranges, reds and warm tones. 

TIP 3: Throw a blazer on top. ( No one will know you have been wearing the same dress for the past couple summer months)

TIP 4: Pop on some ankle boots. 

Use these tips along with some of these pieces that you may already have in your closet and you wont have to worry about breaking bank this fall. 

xoxo Esmae

Fall In Love.

It was no surprise that Fall fashion week in Paris was beyond amazing! I can’t help but to get excited for Fall fashion! The perfect piece to update your wardrobe this fall is to purchase a leather studded jacket. Leather jackets are always a classic in autumn, but these jackets definitely have a little something extra we all need. I was window shopping online and found some killer ones. I couldn’t resist and almost purchased all of them! These may look pricey, but looks can be deceiving! Enjoy everyone.


Stay Chic,


There Isn’t A BackPack We Lack

I’m feeling on the backpack these days. It’s not the most chic thing to tote, but I feel like the fresh sizes, bold shapes and different styles that are out there right now, warrant a little bit of love when worked with some backpack swagger. Looking ahead to Fall, I’m most interested in the Cheap Chic global print of the Olsonboye bag at JC Penney for $35.

 If you want to spend some dough, this Diane Von Furstenberg Printed and Canvas pack is gorgeous.

For the 80’s lover, a stone washed denim is totally tubular.

And if you’re into a more grown-up look, this double fabric from Romwe is perfect for all adult boys and girls.

xo Jess


As we near the end of summer and this exceptionally hot weather, I know many would agree that heat magnifies scent and at times rather unpleasant or overwhelming scents are magnified. I am always on the hunt for pleasant fragrances that are easy on the senses. Whether you like fruity, floral, or ocean inspired blends we aim to help find the sweetest option for you.

Burberry Summer is a citrusy mix of orange mandarin and green leaf that makes for a clean crisp scent that isn’t too sweet or girlie.


Burberry ; fragrance.net ($32.19)  

Maison Martin Margiela “Untitled” is a fragrance that could not possibly get any greener. The lentiscus, galbanum, boxwood, and incense notes make this a grassy but fairly light scent that dries down to a powdery finish.


Maison Martin Margiela ; Saks ($140.00)

Do you like softer scents? Emilio Pucci Vivara Varianziono Verde 072 has a floral base of neroli, base notes of cedar and tonka bean with top notes of bergamot and peppermint that are balanced out by Turkish rose.


Emilio Pucci ; Sephora.com ($85.00) 

One of my fave connosseurs in perfume, Marc Jacobs Cranberry Splash blends its namesake with fruit blended with cranberry for a light and vibrant scent that you will want to wear day or night.


Marc Jacobs ; $68.00 (www.marcjacobs.com) 

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Jasminora has hints of bergamot and white musk that balance out to a strong jasmine that makes one feel as though they are in a botanical garden by the ocean.


Guerlain aqua Allegoria ; $69.22 (Sephora.com)

Think perfume is not that important? Wrong! Picking a signature or seasonal scent is just as important as orchestrating a look for the day. You probably wouldn’t wear a maxi dress with a heavy scent nor go into the workplace with heavy perfume. However with our summer picks we hope that we were able to help those interested try a new scent or update your current fragrance collection. We like to ‘lure them softly’. How about you?

XX Nichole