One word that is constantly being embedded into our minds via every style channel, magazine and online publication is ‘trend’. Fall trends, spring trends, summer trends, cheap trends, chic trends, make this trend your own; so what do you incorporate into your closet that never goes out of style? What staple item can you keep from one year to the next; maybe give or take one year or two? We have dug around a bit to find this item that has withstood the fickle waves of time within the fashion industry. So for this post, we will start on an item from the waist down. 

What is it? ‘The pencil skirt’. The pencil skirt in our opinion should never be discarded; always, always, always, think green when it comes to this item. What does that mean exactly? Cheap Chic is merely saying to think green and recycle it! Why? Well first and foremost it made its early 1950’s debut in Christian Dior’s “The New Look”. An inspiration from Dior’s mother who sported skirts with tiny waist lines of the 1900’s. We were sold right there. But just in case your not, we will elaborate on why the pencil skirt is a keeper. 


Christian Dior 

This skirt radiates femininity immediately while hugging curves in an ever-so-subtle way (please don’t go a few sizes too small here); it’s the perfect example of “leaving something to be desired”. However it is summer, so don’t please don’t be drab and opt for black, navy and gray (although those are vital colors to incorporate into your armoire); think neon tweed, polka dots, stripes, even ornate patterns to give this look a twist.  

It can be transformed into a fresh and funky look…………..


Rose and Chain Print Pencil Skirt, Asos, $40.60


Romanticized for the ultra feminine at heart…………


Photographic Floral Print Pencil Skirt, $33.14, Asos 


Or scaled back for sophisticate twists.


Neon Tweed Pencil Skirt, J. Crew, $99


Another reason this item is a must have is because it’s ageless; women within their ‘chic twenties’ and ‘fab forties’ can tackle this look. My mother is in her fifties and rocks the pencil skirt with sheer class (I’m so proud). 


Garden Floral Pencil Skirt, J. Crew, $89.99 


Curvy ladies can also rock this look and display silhouettes that truly flatter this skirt’s form. 


Sequined Pencil Skirt, Asos, $49.71

We have given you many options to consider in making this trend oops, staple item your own. Happy Shopping. 



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