Booty Parlor Trunk Show


Dana B. Myers , author of the book “The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover: Four Weeks To A Sexier You” and also founder of Booty Parlor had another Trunk Show this past week at Henri Bendel for her Booty Parlor line featuring cosmetics and luscious body products that would definitely make any women look and (most importantly) feel sexier.


Once entering Henri Bendel, I was right away greeted by Romel Jamison who was more than happy to give me a full tour of the line.

Booty Parlor features a variety of products that range from body lotions, washes, scented candles, cosmestics and some naughty treats, one of my favorites being the “Melt Chocolate Body Fondue”. Romel was kind enough to let me try it for myself. Now we all know that just because something is edible doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to taste good, however, that was not that case with this chocolate body paint: it was finger “licking” GOOD..


Melt Chocolate Body Fondue $16.00

ImageHere shown from Left to Right : Skin Honey Kissable Body Topping $22, Don’t Stop Massage Candle $32, Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath $12, Add Magic Lubricant $12, Don’t Stop Massage Oil $12.

Being that I personally love bubble baths I was immediately drawn to the Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath. It had a very soft clean smell and was said to leave a nice sheen on your skin. What is so naughty about it you might ask, well it is safe enough to be consumed…enough said.

What impressed me the most was the “Dont Stop Massage Oil”, which can be used as a body and bath oil. Its tantalizing scent of (plums, raspberries, jasmine, sandalwood and cedar) left me wanting to leave home with a bottle. The texture of the oil was silky to the touch.

ImageDon’t Stop Massage Oil

I was surprised to find out that these were the same panties that were used in the Katherine Heigl movie “The Ugly Truth”. Oooohh no no no ladies, these are not just any panties. If you watched the film you would know these are vibrating panties that can be operated by remote from 20 feet away.


Turn Me On Vibrating Panties $99.00

These are only a few of the products that caught my eye , so if you are looking to heat things up in the bedroom definitely check out the Booty Parlor line.

Enjoy Ladies !!

xoxo Esmae


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