A current summer trend (that will more than likely be recycled) are sheer romantic and whimsical blouses. Seem simple enough? Perhaps, but it can quickly turn from tres chic to tres risqué if not executed seamlessly. So how does one do this and avoid being confused as an ahem (clearing our throat here)……street walker? No need to fret! Cheap Chic to the rescue!

Image Asos; $99.42

First and foremost correct color choice is paramount and determining to wear the shirt merely by itself should be taken into consideration. We know you wouldn’t do it, but you want to avoid wearing no bra at all.

 If wearing a sheer blouse by itself (bra underneath) comes across as too ‘cheeky’, opt for a camisole underneath in the same color. Camisoles with silk-like materials will prevent attaching to one another or excessive bunching. When layering, camisoles with thick straps, tank tops, or racer back tops should be avoided; this can ruin the beauty of the blouse and strip away the feminine appeal. Also avoid undershirts with low backs or wearing a bra with a thick strap underneath a camisole with the width of dental floss (exaggeration yes, but we know you catch our drift).

Not sure where to turn? There are plenty of options in sheer blouses that are sure to ‘tickle your fancy’. Try prints.


Charlotte Russe, $24.95 

There is a possibility that prints may not be for you; if so, we’ve got you covered. Sheer blouses are available in bolder colors.


Charlotte Russe $19.99

Still not convinced? If a completely sheer shirt still doesn’t do the trick, try a blouse with just a small section of sheer.

Image   Image

   Asos; $69.59

I personally love black and nude or black and white sheer blouses with a pop of color in the ensemble for contrast.


Forever 21; $19.80

But just how sheer is too sheer? Unfortunately this does have to be a bit of trial and error. About to leave your front door? STOP! Don’t Step Outside! We mean trial and error in the dressing room or in the comfort of your own home. Please cut on a light, step in front of a mirror, put your hands under one layer of the fabric to determine if your blouse should be layered with a camisole, cropped top, or if a full coverage bra will suffice.

ImageSheer blouse with cropped top underneath. Forever 21, $21.80

Happy hunting!



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