White Button-Down, Classic and Cool

Now I know all you Cheap Chicers out there are career minded gals, and as such I think it is so important for all of you to own at least one great simple, crisp white button down.  Why, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  A crisp white button down sends a message to your employer that you are utterly professional and serious about your job and your responsibilities.  Also, you can pair it with almost anything, from a crazy printed pant to a chic black pencil skirt.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Good crisp white button downs are expensive and hard to find.  So thank goodness you all have little old me to point you towards inexpensive yet still nice white button downs!  The long and short of it is, any high street retailer such as the Gap or H&M carries nicely cut white button downs.  And yes the fabric is not the absolute best, but with the proper care you can make a simple white button down from a store like H&M last you a long time, and look like a million bucks.  The key is to dry clean (or hand wash and air dry) your button down.  And after every wear (between cleanings/washes) you must iron or steam your shirt.  Sounds obvious I know, but believe me it helps.  Also, another little trick is to have your dry cleaners add light starch to your shirt when you get it cleaned.  If you keep the starch light, it will stop the shirt from looking too stiff but at the same time give it that extra push to make it look nice and crisp.  And as I said, every career minded gal simply must have a crisp white button down in her arsenal!

Below are a couple white button downs from high street retailers that won’t break your budget, so happy hunting Cheap Chicers!

$39.90 – Zara basic herringbone shirt




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