I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Paris! Between the food, the fashion and the sights, it would have to be a vacation of a lifetime. However, I have yet to make it there in my young 24 years. Well, anyway, here’s to making it there in the next 24!

Until then, Sigma Beauty has made it possible for me to live vicariously through six make-up gurus on Youtube who took a trip to France with their team and created this palette.

Each eyeshadow color is inspired by a place in France like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Versailles. The shades are versatile from a soft light color to smoky dark shades and brights and there are some glittering colors and some matte! With these ranges, the colors will allow you to make tons of great looks for day and night and all year long.

The Paris Palette also comes with three cheek colors. A semi-deep rosy color acts as a contour color while it is fun and soft enough to work as a cheek color especially in the colder months if built up. The soft peach color gives a fun flush of color to your cheeks and the bright highlight color, effectively named Lumiere, that gives your face a beautiful glow.

Now you may be wondering if you’ve clicked on the wrong blog! This isn’t a make-up blog, this is still about all things cheap and all the way chic! The reason I HAD to feature the Paris Palette on our blog is for it’s price! Duh!

This palette comes with eight amazing eye colors, three cheek colors and two brushes to help to achieve flawless application. All of these things for only $59.

Au revoir!



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