Keeping it Casual in LA

Rocking the army look, but looking like you’re not about to jump into a tank can be difficult.  Finding the right balance between finding pants that flatter your legs versus wearing baggy army pants, is what will transform your outfit from army fail to army chic.  Instead of going with the actual army design, try a simple army/olive green color will give you that awesome look without overdoing it.  Add a neutral shirt to flatter this colored pant.  A white, beige, or cream will go great.  To finish off the outfit, block out that sun with a matching hat for a put together look.  In order to not be too “matchy matchy”, pair a hat with a cool design to give a color contrast.

Forever 21: $24.80

Target: $6.00

Nordstroms: $22.00

A perfect weekend outfit!  This effortless throw on dress is flattering, and can be paired with anything or nothing.  Some dresses need to be accessorized, but the length of this dress is an accessory in itself.  Any light neutral color will be great for the summer.  Pair this look with some oversized shades, and a tote bag and you’re ready for a gorgeous summer day.

Forever 21: $15.50

Nordstroms: $12.00

Target: $30.00

Have a beautiful weekend



Hot Studs (DIY)

I don’t know about you guys, but I just can’t seem to get enough of the studded trends that are literary everywhere! Studded heels, flats, bags, jackets, rings, phone cases, you name it. The number one item that is mostly popular around this time are the studded shorts. Now, I did some research when I was on the hunt for a pair and they come at not so great price. So I decided to get a little crafty and make my own. Studding your own pair of shorts wouldn’t even cost you fraction of the price. Just grab a pair of old shorts you have lying around, some sexy studs you can pick up at a craft store or online and voila! You can begin your project! 

50Pcs 8mm Gold Pyramid Studs Metal Studs (JP08)

50Pcs 8mm Gold Pyramid Studs Metal Studs (JP08)
Price: $1.79


MOTO Contrast Stud Hotpants
Price: $70.00
Now if you MUST compare, that’s a $68.21 in savings! I’d say that’s not too shabby. Not only will you get to design the denim at your preference, but it will only take you about 10 minutes in total to complete. I’m sure finding some hot studs this summer wont be too hard. 😉
Stay chic everyone!


One word that is constantly being embedded into our minds via every style channel, magazine and online publication is ‘trend’. Fall trends, spring trends, summer trends, cheap trends, chic trends, make this trend your own; so what do you incorporate into your closet that never goes out of style? What staple item can you keep from one year to the next; maybe give or take one year or two? We have dug around a bit to find this item that has withstood the fickle waves of time within the fashion industry. So for this post, we will start on an item from the waist down. 

What is it? ‘The pencil skirt’. The pencil skirt in our opinion should never be discarded; always, always, always, think green when it comes to this item. What does that mean exactly? Cheap Chic is merely saying to think green and recycle it! Why? Well first and foremost it made its early 1950’s debut in Christian Dior’s “The New Look”. An inspiration from Dior’s mother who sported skirts with tiny waist lines of the 1900’s. We were sold right there. But just in case your not, we will elaborate on why the pencil skirt is a keeper. 


Christian Dior 

This skirt radiates femininity immediately while hugging curves in an ever-so-subtle way (please don’t go a few sizes too small here); it’s the perfect example of “leaving something to be desired”. However it is summer, so don’t please don’t be drab and opt for black, navy and gray (although those are vital colors to incorporate into your armoire); think neon tweed, polka dots, stripes, even ornate patterns to give this look a twist.  

It can be transformed into a fresh and funky look…………..


Rose and Chain Print Pencil Skirt, Asos, $40.60


Romanticized for the ultra feminine at heart…………


Photographic Floral Print Pencil Skirt, $33.14, Asos 


Or scaled back for sophisticate twists.


Neon Tweed Pencil Skirt, J. Crew, $99


Another reason this item is a must have is because it’s ageless; women within their ‘chic twenties’ and ‘fab forties’ can tackle this look. My mother is in her fifties and rocks the pencil skirt with sheer class (I’m so proud). 


Garden Floral Pencil Skirt, J. Crew, $89.99 


Curvy ladies can also rock this look and display silhouettes that truly flatter this skirt’s form. 


Sequined Pencil Skirt, Asos, $49.71

We have given you many options to consider in making this trend oops, staple item your own. Happy Shopping. 


Booty Parlor Trunk Show


Dana B. Myers , author of the book “The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover: Four Weeks To A Sexier You” and also founder of Booty Parlor had another Trunk Show this past week at Henri Bendel for her Booty Parlor line featuring cosmetics and luscious body products that would definitely make any women look and (most importantly) feel sexier.


Once entering Henri Bendel, I was right away greeted by Romel Jamison who was more than happy to give me a full tour of the line.

Booty Parlor features a variety of products that range from body lotions, washes, scented candles, cosmestics and some naughty treats, one of my favorites being the “Melt Chocolate Body Fondue”. Romel was kind enough to let me try it for myself. Now we all know that just because something is edible doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to taste good, however, that was not that case with this chocolate body paint: it was finger “licking” GOOD..


Melt Chocolate Body Fondue $16.00

ImageHere shown from Left to Right : Skin Honey Kissable Body Topping $22, Don’t Stop Massage Candle $32, Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath $12, Add Magic Lubricant $12, Don’t Stop Massage Oil $12.

Being that I personally love bubble baths I was immediately drawn to the Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath. It had a very soft clean smell and was said to leave a nice sheen on your skin. What is so naughty about it you might ask, well it is safe enough to be consumed…enough said.

What impressed me the most was the “Dont Stop Massage Oil”, which can be used as a body and bath oil. Its tantalizing scent of (plums, raspberries, jasmine, sandalwood and cedar) left me wanting to leave home with a bottle. The texture of the oil was silky to the touch.

ImageDon’t Stop Massage Oil

I was surprised to find out that these were the same panties that were used in the Katherine Heigl movie “The Ugly Truth”. Oooohh no no no ladies, these are not just any panties. If you watched the film you would know these are vibrating panties that can be operated by remote from 20 feet away.


Turn Me On Vibrating Panties $99.00

These are only a few of the products that caught my eye , so if you are looking to heat things up in the bedroom definitely check out the Booty Parlor line.

Enjoy Ladies !!

xoxo Esmae

Color in LA

Wearing many colors with prints can be tricky, but knowing the color formula will help you with all of your outfits.

Choosing the opposite color in the chart is the one to pair your main color of choice with.  Just like the photo above, the orange polka dot dress is paired with a blue violet cardigan.  Sticking to this chart will stop you from second guessing of whether you are making a color faux pas.  To make your outfit stand out, add a funky scarf, belt, or headband.  You can even create a belt with a scarf.  There are no rules that say you can’t make your own belt, so why not create your own?  Polka dot dresses have been around for decades as a timeless print that is perfect for the summer.  Pair this with a simple cardigan and some fun bright shoes, and you’re ready for a summer night out. $32.00

Nordstroms BP 16.90 (50% off)

Forever 21 $22.80

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of skinny jeans and a floral top.  Women tend to make the mistake of wearing a flowy top, but not belting it, which tends to be unflattering around the stomach area.  Adding a belt will shape your body in all of the right places.  From top to bottom, making sure your clothing are flattering isn’t always obvious.  Skinny jeans with a fade, can look unflattering if the fade is placed on the wrong area.  If the fade is only on the top, it can make your hips look larger.  Having it run down your jean below your knee will elongate them as shown above.

Forever 21: $9.80

Wet Seal: $32.50

Have an awesome weekend



Proud To Be an American!

With fourth of July just around the corner, there’s no doubt some of us are feeling patriotic! Outfits are VERY important for independence day and I can relate to why many of us are stressing on what to wear. Here are some great finds I came across that wont blow your pockets but will most defintely keep you festive. So let the shopping and celebrations begin!!!


American Flag Converse by John Varvatos Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Canvas Shoes $52.00

BDG American Dreams Denim Jacket $69.00 

Pins and Needles Americana Sweater Shorts $39.00  


Vintage ’90s American Flag Backpack $49.00

Truly Madly Deeply American Flag Muscle Tee $29.00


So enjoy those fireworks, beaches and family BBQ’S but most of all stay safe everyone!

and of course, stay chic,









Dressing for a Summer Wedding!

Of all the activities that come to mind when you’re thinking of summer, weddings is not at the top of the list. But in actuality, it’s a great time to get married. A lot of really awesome locations boast beautiful outdoor settings. Receptions that are held outside can be magical when they’re done under a sunset or a night full of stars. Anyway, this post is not about beautiful wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses what colors you should choose, even though the Cheap Chic family is buzzing with Jess’ wedding planning updates.

This post is to help you Cheap Chicers that are on the guest list. Here are three outfits you can wear to any type of wedding – glamorous or casual. And each piece is under $50!



This outfit is perfect for a summer wedding. It’s fun, colorful and glamorous. The asymmetrical hemline and the print is right on trend. The great thing about having so many colors, is that you don’t have to worry about matching the wedding party but you’ll look great in group pictures. The bad thing about too many colors is, you have to be careful about accessories and shoes. My tip would be to pick one prominent color in the dress and find a shoe in that color. To avoid being matchy-matchy, you should choose metallic accessories. How glamorous you want to be decides how much jewelry to stack on. This particular dress may not need a necklace but you can really go crazy with the bracelets and it may be fun to stick some color in your arm candy.



Both outfits are more on the casual side but I wanted to give two ideas for a more edgy look and a more classic look, depending on the type of wedding. Actually, more like depending on the type of girl you are! When you have solid color dresses it’s fun to add prints like I did with the leopard shoes and snake skin bag. With the the coral dress, I added neutral and coral accessories. With the purple dress, with its edgy and sexy cutout, I added color with the lips and earrings. Again, adding accessories add personality so depending on how you’re feeling: pile ’em on!



Of course, it isn’t as taboo as before to wear white to a wedding but if you still feel uncomfortable, here’s a fun way to do it. Wear pants! With pants on, your less likely to offend the bride. A pair of slim cut or cropped pants are appropriate for this type of event. To keep it glamorous, wear a top with structure and detail. A trendy peplum top is perfect. Of course, you want to add color. You can go wild with this. You can do neutral, metallic, print, neon or brights. And as always, the more accessories, the more you can project the mood you want. For some, all white is still uncomfortable or they aren’t into wearing pants. If this is the case, a white dress with colorful prints will be just as fun and kind of daring.

You may have noticed I chose wedges or flats. A lot of outdoor locations have beautiful lawns and grassy parts where you have to walk through. The last thing you want is your heel to continuously sink into the grass and dirt so if you’re not sure what the space is like, where wedges or flats to avoid that. Not all summer weddings are outside but these looks will go for indoors or out. Keep in mind that you can find sexy stiletto alternatives for each outfit.

If it is indoors with AC or outdoors with chilly night air, you may want to think of a jacket. You can reach for a cardigan, a leather jacket, a fur shawl, a blazer or even a cape.

xx Nastasia

PS If you want to look get any of these pieces, click the title of the outfit! Remember, each piece is less than $50!


If any Cheap Chicer’s out there are as fanatical about accessories such as we are at Cheap Chic, then you understand the essence of captivating handbags. Sure a statement necklace and shoes can make or break an outfit however don’t estimate the power of the bag! It is just as important as any other aspect within an ensemble and should not be taken too lightly. So what exactly should be taken into consideration for implementation into your wardrobe? Team Cheap Chic has got you covered. 

Knitted bags: just as shoes come in knitted, so do handbags and it totally looks unusual and stylish but be sure to pair it with the right clothing; think bohemian, understated or even sophisticate and ethnic inspired. Pencil skirts and button-up white color blouses can be worn and paired with a knitted bag for an understated look that still packs punch. Maxi dresses can also be worn with a knitted bag; don’t be afraid to experiment with different prints (just try to avoid mixing more than two at a time). 

Image Illustration of contrasting prints 

Anna Sui; Shopbop ($141.00)

Large clutches: which in my opinion never goes out of style. They are large enough to old all necessary stuff a woman needs daily and comes in both neutral colors that are good for office wear and bolder hues for less formal outfits. 


BCBG Oversized Clutch; 6pm ($71.99) 


Neoprene Clutch; Asos ($29.00) 


Foldover bags: another fave; they are another bag that is insanely popular and hasn’t really faded out of style. They are available in a variety of shades and hues, sizes and prints.



Snake Pattern Foldover; Arden B ($49.00)



Foldover Wallet; Tilly’s (yes a wallet but its a steal at $10.99)



Always make sure to stay true to self when trying new trends; if your not comfortable, no confidence will exude and the look you are going for will lack luster. A cheap find is great, but always make sure above all else, that it’s chic.  


XX Nichole 


Make a Statement with Jewels

A statement necklace can turn any basic top or dress into a knockout look!  All you have to do is take your favorite simple dress or outfit, throw on a great pair of basic shoes, add a simple but stellar bag, and finish the look with a big, chunky, fabulous necklace.  This outfit combination makes the necklace the focal point of the look, so remember if styling yourself this way to go big with the necklace. Another fun way to approach a statement necklace is to keep the clothing simple, but choose a necklace, bag, and shoes that have one or two colors in common and go wild!  For example, a white button down shirt with black dress pants paired with a turquoise bag, violet and turquoise printed shoes, and a necklace with turquoise, purple, and orange.  Coordinating the colors of the accessories creates harmony, but don’t be afraid to go with wildly different shapes or patterns for the accessories as well.  Remember, contrast is beautiful.  Below are a few fun necklaces you could use.  Now go out there and show your glitz and glam Cheap Chicers!


Zara – $19.90


Topshop – $35



Rockin’ Chic in L.A.

Add some edgy flair during the day with a pair of black peep toe heels.  The summer season shouldn’t limit you to only sandals and light color wedges.  Wearing a peep toe maintains that summer feel, but lets you get creative with shoe styles.  Pair this with a high waisted skirt or a short flowy dress.  June is the time to bring out those fun and flirty outfits.  We’re wearing pants all winter long, so enjoy yourself, and let your legs get some sun!  Add some chic oversized sunglasses for a dramatic touch.  Aviators have been the trend for a while, but don’t think oversized sunglasses have gone out of style.  They will always give you that movie star look.  For a final touch, a nice red, pink, or orange lip stick will brighten up your outfit, if deciding to wear black and white.  Either a lipstick or an eye shadow will give you that color contrast if you feel your outfit is lacking some.

Forever 21: $36.80

Charlotte Russe: $22.99$12.71

Rimmel: $5.49

Getting that rocker look is simple.  Pair some jewels, with an awesome pattern and you’re good to go.  Short black booties are awesome for all year long.  To spice up your outfit, find a pair of jeweled boots.  Without having to worry of what jewelry to match your outfit with, adding some jewels to your shoes will give you that fully accessorized look.  Get creative! Instead of going with that classic bright colored pant that everyone seems to be wearing, branch out with an awesome patterned pant.  You’ll be sure to set a new trend with your friends.  If you dare to find an awesome patterned print, make sure it flatters your shape.  For straight long legs, try to find a pattern similar to the photo on top.  For more curvy hips go with some vertical stripes that will elongate your legs.  Pair this fun outfit, with a basic tank and you’re good to go.

Zappos: $37.00

Express: $30.00 (on sale)

Have a good weekend.