SAYESS To The Dress


It’s true. Once I’m married next Spring, my name, Jess “Zay-no” will be Jess “Say-yes”. I am marrying Majed Sayess. And while he is the greatest, kindest, sweetest, sexiest guy in the whole wide world, I would’ve married him for the awesome name upgrade alone. While I am a bride to be, with a task list a mile long, I am, in my soul, a lover of style and finding the right dress, was of course a priority. I started at the bridal emporium Kleinfeld, where Joan Rivers was in the reception area, and even gave us brides some advice. “Never give back the ring!”, she exclaimed, “You can give back the CD’s, the clothes, but never the jewelry” as she swung her fur cape around and promptly stormed out of the room. What a scene, Man! I tried on a few Hollywood Glam pieces, that while lovely, didn’t stir up anything in me. In the same afternoon, I moved on to David’s Bridal having seen a few pieces from the Vera Wang collection. I met my consultant, Jamilah, and I was in love. With her and the Vera Wang collection. I tried on four dresses that I couldn’t get out of my head. Since my little sister was in town from Geneva, we expanded our search to Bridal Reflections, Amsale, the Vera Wang flagship boutique on Madison Ave. and the fabulous French atelier Cybeline, where my sis bought her dress last year. The latter has incredible designs, great prices and a customer service that is divine. All boutiques offered an amazing array of beautiful dresses. The ones with the vintage Hollywood look I wanted. But my heart kept going back to David’s Bridal and the beautiful White by Vera Wang. And of course, my Cheap Chic sensibility knew it was the right choice. I want to marry to Majed in “that dress”. I had just written a Cheap Chic Bridal article for The Epoch Times and gave propers to their vast selection and incredibly affordable “real girl” pricing. And I’m happy to report that I’m living proof of my Cheap Chic ethos. Buy it cheap and make it chic. After trying on nearly 50 dresses, I headed back to David’s Bridal, having dreamed of “the dress” and on a sale weekend, no less, paid less than $700 for a fitted, edgy, Hollywood-y dress that I can’t wait for you to see. After the wedding, of course. Stay tuned ; )


About Cheap Chic Shopping Tours

Money can't buy style. Buy it cheap. Make it chic. Cheap Chic Shopping Tours is a three hour shopping tour that helps you build a new wardrobe for $100 bucks.

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