All White Everything

Memorial Day Weekend came and suddenly, it was summer. The weather is sweltering and most people don’t want to wear ANY clothes much less intricate outfits. The all white trend makes putting an outfit together super easy and keeps you cool throughout the day!

You can wear a white dress or any combination of easy casual separates for fun day time activities and can change accessories to take your outfits from day to night. Accessorizing is easy when your outfit is monochromatic: you can continue with all white; dress up with metallic like gold; keep it all trend with neon; catch the fun with pops of bright colors; or make yourself feel a little more sophisticated with a little black. Sweltering heat also calls for a cool down in  pools of water and a white bathing suit will be perfect!

Here are some pieces each for less than $50 that you can work into your summer!









$15 & $13


xx Nastasia


Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial day weekend produces sales beyond sales at many retail locations. It also is the time when the weather is just right and everyone jets away to enjoy a vaction or hang with the neighborhood with celebratory bbq’s. Whatever your weekend fix, do it in style!

$-) Taja

SAYESS To The Dress


It’s true. Once I’m married next Spring, my name, Jess “Zay-no” will be Jess “Say-yes”. I am marrying Majed Sayess. And while he is the greatest, kindest, sweetest, sexiest guy in the whole wide world, I would’ve married him for the awesome name upgrade alone. While I am a bride to be, with a task list a mile long, I am, in my soul, a lover of style and finding the right dress, was of course a priority. I started at the bridal emporium Kleinfeld, where Joan Rivers was in the reception area, and even gave us brides some advice. “Never give back the ring!”, she exclaimed, “You can give back the CD’s, the clothes, but never the jewelry” as she swung her fur cape around and promptly stormed out of the room. What a scene, Man! I tried on a few Hollywood Glam pieces, that while lovely, didn’t stir up anything in me. In the same afternoon, I moved on to David’s Bridal having seen a few pieces from the Vera Wang collection. I met my consultant, Jamilah, and I was in love. With her and the Vera Wang collection. I tried on four dresses that I couldn’t get out of my head. Since my little sister was in town from Geneva, we expanded our search to Bridal Reflections, Amsale, the Vera Wang flagship boutique on Madison Ave. and the fabulous French atelier Cybeline, where my sis bought her dress last year. The latter has incredible designs, great prices and a customer service that is divine. All boutiques offered an amazing array of beautiful dresses. The ones with the vintage Hollywood look I wanted. But my heart kept going back to David’s Bridal and the beautiful White by Vera Wang. And of course, my Cheap Chic sensibility knew it was the right choice. I want to marry to Majed in “that dress”. I had just written a Cheap Chic Bridal article for The Epoch Times and gave propers to their vast selection and incredibly affordable “real girl” pricing. And I’m happy to report that I’m living proof of my Cheap Chic ethos. Buy it cheap and make it chic. After trying on nearly 50 dresses, I headed back to David’s Bridal, having dreamed of “the dress” and on a sale weekend, no less, paid less than $700 for a fitted, edgy, Hollywood-y dress that I can’t wait for you to see. After the wedding, of course. Stay tuned ; )

Cheap Chic Necklace Alternative

Jennifer Lopez has always been a fashion risk taker, a style icon and a trend setter and that has not changed. This season of American Idol has proven that the 40something talent extraordinaire has not lost her touch. One of the cool pieces she’s been wearing repeatedly is a horizontal cross necklace that is so simple yet unique that you can wear it with anything. And Hollywood is loving it.

Stars like Kourtney Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus have also begun to wear this new jewelry craze. With all these big names with big pockets, you’d imagine you wouldn’t ever afford to pick up this piece. But you’re wrong. Here at Cheap Chic Shopping Tours, we buy it cheap and make it chic! So rather than paying 3 figures or more, we have a great alternative.

Etsy Horizontal Cross Necklace $13


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Is That You Behind Those Foster Grants?

Foster Grants made sunglasses glamourous in the 1970’s. Today, they make them Cheap Chic. Pick up a pair of these fab gold Aviators for $20 or less, by clicking here.

Dressing a Cheap Chic Shopping Tour Find

This past weekend, we took a tour with a few ladies who were ready to pick up their wardrobe with some spring and summer finds! On our shoe stop, one woman found a pair of woven espadrilles in a fun reddish color for under 30 dollars.

These are a great choice for the warmer months. They are comfortable while adding height and sophistication but still capture the fun! Here are a couple ways to wear these babies in the coming seasons.




xx Nastasia