Don’t Ruin My Animal Skin(nies)!

Prints are all the rage these days. Florals, geometric, stripes… You name it, we’re loving it! But a classic print that never seems to dim: Animal Print. Now, the fun begins. While most people are using the animal prints in the form of accessories and shoes, celebs have been wearing animal print in a fun and bold way.

The animal print skinny jeans are a cool way to add a little fun, some texture and some dimension to your typical look. You give yourself a little edge. Here are a few options at a cheap chic price!

Original leopard print skinny jeans are the most popular!



A pair of leopard skinnies in a fun color give you a little more fun and show that your fearless in your fashion decisions.



A pair of zebra print skinny jeans may be a bit immature but paired with a simple white tee, flats, a scarf and some delicate and sophisticated accessories, they will just add fun without making you look like a pre-teen.



Lastly, an amazing pair of snakeskin skinnies are simply classic. Don’t forget the red lipstick and the winged liner.



Don’t forget to have fun!


Nastasia ❤




Casual Friday!

courtesy of blogger Victoria T dressed up her white skinnies wearing a denim button down. Love the remix right? Get her casual friday look here.



1. Denim shirt $40

2. White pants jcpenny $24

Stay tuned Taja $-)

Cheap Chic Outfit: Summer Concert!

Summer is right around the corner and like most of you, I am excited. Not just for the amazing trends and the fun colors but also for the Summer activities. I love doing things like going to outdoor concerts.

When you know you will be standing for a while and dancing and drinking and in a crowd full of people, you want to be comfortable, cool and free. That means, fun trends, little clothing and tiny bags! Here’s an outfit I thought everyone would enjoy wearing this Summer’s promising music festivities.

Of course, the shorts are sold out and while the shirt is not as expensive as I thought it would be, it is still not cheap chic worthy when you can find a similar option for less. So, here is where you can find alternatives and the rest of this outfit each for under $100! Buy it cheap and make it chic! Have fun….








Cheap Chic Love,



Sandals Under $50.00

Ahhh finally some hot weather! Need sandals immediately? Try these hot affordable options.


1. $40

2. $40

3. $25

4. $40

5. $44

6. $47


Stay tuned Taja $-)

Playsuits aren’t for kids

Rompers, playsuits, one pieces, whatever you like to call it, aren’t just for kids anymore. They are easy instant outfits that can get you out of bed to run errands, have brunch with the girls, or low maintenance dressing when your boyfriend is forcing you to get a move on.  With soldids, prints, florals,  any girl will be abe to find the one just right for her!



Cheap Chic J.Lo

Having just turned 24 last month, I am someone who was young enough to be interested in American Idol and old to know when it became a horrible show I’d never watch again, until last season. Last season brought one special reason to tune in again:

1.Steven Tyler.

And two things kept me watching the entire season, and this one.

1. The amazing caliber of talent in the contestants across the board that American Idol has not possessed, ever.

2. Jennifer Lopez’s outfits.

Before AI, I was not blind to the fact that J. Lo has amazing style and I continuously stalked her outfits. But now, it just makes it easier. (LOL)

Anyway, Jennifer wore an amazing Day-Glo outfit to a Brazilian talk show and yours truly found the perfect cheap chic alternative to the $1,995 Michael Kors dress and $740 Casadei pumps.

You’re Welcome 😉

Topshop $140


Betsey Johnson $109

xoxo Nastasia

Coral Delight!

Today try a soft but colorful themed outfit in the season’s trend of coral, hints of peach allow the outfit to look soft and chic instead of harsh and bold. Onlookers will be wondering how you did it!

$-) Taja

It’s just a matter of black and white!

Sometimes playing with one color throughout an outfit, can make a huge statement. Let’s start with your basic black skinny jeans, we all have them and their very versatile to have in one’s wardrobe. Add sleek accessories in the black tonal range, allow one pop of color, white in this case and tah-daaa! You look effortlessly simple and chic.

Taja $-)



Cheap Chic loves Brandy Melville

What woman dosen’t love a stylish bag? When it’s the right price it makes the buy even better. Check out UK brand Brandy Mellvile, with two locations one on broadway and spring.

I’m addicted to their accesories, sighh


Cross body bag $26Floral Satchel $49Fringe Purse $25

stay tuned $-) Taja

Splurge vs. Steal on The Chew

Check out the Cheap Chic-inspired fashion segment, me & the Style team shopped and styled for The Chew. Can you guess which is the splurge and which is the steal?