Cheap Chic Shopping on MTV’S MADE

ImageSuper top secret television news, Cheap Chic-sters! We helped a wannabe model shop a New York model look for less than $100 this weekend. Stay tuned in May for the episode to watch us work it with Coach Whitney, winner of America’s Next Top Model!

Saturday, March 24 Cheap Chic Tour

Are You Hungry? Hunger Games Red Carpet our Way!

As the opening of the new cult movie Hunger Games debuts this weekend, teens and adults  flee to theaters. So why not have a Hunger Game party and dress up like your on the red carpet!

First Up:  Jennifer Lawerence: Katniss


The stunning actress wore a bronze and gold floor length gown at the premiere, to get her look, here are some options below.

1. Kage Gold Ripple Dress $237

2. Matthew Williamson $235

$-) Taja


Isabel Toledo for Payless “Women’s Espawind Flatform Sandal” on sale now at

NYX Cosmetics Mega Shine Lipgloss

Over here, we’re straight up lippies! That’s my word for Lip Junkies. Also known as the girls of the world obsessed with keeping their lips glossy, soft, colorful or all of the above at all times. So now that I’ve admitted my problem (That is the first step, right?), I can tell you my cheap chic addiction! NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss.

They’re the perfect lip gloss. They go on smoothly, keep your lips soft, has an intense shine – sans the sticky – and when they dry it doesn’t leave the nasty looking white line along the inner part of your lip. All this goodness wrapped in a bow, quite literally! The packaging is made insanely cute with a little bow right on top of the cap. And there are 61 shades you can choose from! Best part? Yep, there’s more goodness. It’s cheap and chic! You can buy it at the website for only $5.50.



Tip: I found my favorite NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss at a neighborhood beauty supply shop for about half the retail price, check your town first!

Cheap Chic Shopping Tours on The Vogue City


Love the online love we got from Wendy on The VogueCity. Need a Celebrity Stylist on the dime? Cheap Chic Shopping Tours to the rescue.

Spring is here!

Do you hear that? The birds chirping, the grass is looking greener, florals everywhere. Today is officially the last day of winter, phew! Get out there in your Spring finest here is a suggestion:

Hot Under the Collar

Embellished collars are all the rage! I’m dying to find an oxford shirt with a beautifully constructed collar. Marie Claire showed a bevy of options in a recent issue but of course, they’re nowhere near the cheap chic prices we’re looking for. However the blog Love Maegan gave an amazing DIY tutorial that will save you money and allow you creative reign! Round up a handful of friends and make it a cheap chic girls night!

Have Fun,

Nastasia 🙂

Tip: If this is your first DIY project and it’s a little too difficult, try embellishments easy to adhere and place like glitter, spikes, studs or buttons.

The Downtown Project on the Upper East Side

Two years ago, me and my cutie boyfriend decided to co-habitate in the most unlikely of places. The Upper East Side. After traversing the city, taking in the neighborhood’s food, proximity to a subway and apartment pricing, the Upper East Side afforded us everything we wanted and more. So we made the move to a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired junior one bedroom with wood floors, exposed brick, recessed lighting and 5 incredibly chic large french windows where we’ve created the perfect Cheap Chic set up to settle in to.

It took a while, one month specifically, for me to allow the opulence and luxury of my new neighborhood to flood in and once I aligned with its beauty, tree-lined streets and incredibly rich history of New York art and society, I’ve never looked back. As the creator of Cheap Chic Shopping Tours, I believe money doesn’t buy style. I buy it cheap and make it chic. And this applies to living as well. My neighborhood may be for millionaire’s, but I’ve claimed it as my own, for free. To read more, click The Downtown Project here.