New Year, New You!

During the holidays many people resolve to make changes in their appeareance, they want to loose weight, have a healthier glow, or change their hair color. But what if I told you, you can get the same effects without the long enduring process. Heed these tips and let them work magic. Check in daily to see the New Year, New You tips for the month of January.

January 10, 2012

Do you have days, when you are feeling drab and dreary? Is there a time when you look in the mirror and say why do I look blahh today? An instant way to pop up your look is to try a colored lipstick, or lip gloss. A great cheap alternative to updating your smile, without spending a million bucks.  The challenge with this trend though, is that many women are unsure what is the shade that works well with their skin tone. Thankfully below you will know what works and what dosen’t by the end of this post.

If your ethnicity happens to be Asian, Hispanic, or African American you are under a warm category.  This means that your compexion tends to have warm, or darker undertones. The lipstick colors that work best for you are deep pink, coral, and dark plum.

If you are of European descent , or of a lighter skin complexion then cool is your tone. Lipstick colors for women of these complexions that look best are blood red, bright fuchsia, anything with a reddish undertone in the shade.


Get the Look!

You can visit your local Sephora or Mac Cosmetics store if you want to spend a bit more on the name brands, like YSL


Smashbox “Be Legendary” 14$


YSL “Rouge Volupte” $34

For More information go to your local cosmetics store or even drugstore for an afforadable price. Stay Tuned!  Taja $)


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Money can't buy style. Buy it cheap. Make it chic. Cheap Chic Shopping Tours is a three hour shopping tour that helps you build a new wardrobe for $100 bucks.

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