New Year, New You!

During the holidays many people resolve to make changes in their appeareance, they want to loose weight, have a healthier glow, or change their hair color. But what if I told you, you can get the same effects without the long enduring process. Heed these tips and let them work magic. Check in daily to see the New Year, New You tips for the month of January.

January 6, 2012

Are you one of the bulky bag carriers? Modern bag ladies, who can’t seem to leave unnecessary stuff at home fearing you will need it while you are out? This happens to be one of my goals of 2012,  only bring the bare necessities and still look like a super chic lady.  Having a lightweight bag allows you to have more fun, feel comfortable and at ease, and have more control on your belongings. Check out Cheap and Chic alternatives below!

1.  Sm Nylon Boston Bag

Forever 21

Stuff your gym gear into something cute and easily manageable, don’t overload it so it will be light and easy to store in the locker.


2.  Woven chain strap crossbody bag

Forever 21

Going to the grocery store, running errands? You only need your wallet and maybe your ipod. Check out this crossbody bag, for an everyday and stylish look.


3.  Portfolio clutch

Meeting up with the girls or a casual date, this is an easy alternative to the big bulky bag, you can still fit your nook and what else would you need?


Check back tomorrow for more New Year, New You treats!  Taja $)


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Money can't buy style. Buy it cheap. Make it chic. Cheap Chic Shopping Tours is a three hour shopping tour that helps you build a new wardrobe for $100 bucks.

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