Look for Less: Ellen Pompeo ft. Black Orchid Jeggings

Hello loves!

My boyfriend thinks it is absolutely ridiculous how packed my room is with piles of magazines. I have a magazine rack I had to lean against my bureau to keep the extra stack of magazines sitting on top of it. I have piles littering the floor under my bed. I have stacks in the keyboard holder on my computer desk. I have stacks in my bookshelf. I have stacks in a storage room that I never even see. Anyway, now that I’m done boring you with all the miscelleaneous ways I store my addiction, I’ll explain why.

The regular magazines like NYLON, GLAMOUR, ELLE, LUCKY, HARPER’S BAZZAR and VOGUE are obvious, right? But the millions of weeklies scattered about are not there because the Kardashian gossip is too juicy to give up. They are there because I love seeing all of the celebrity looks I wish I had the money to afford.

Then there are the outfits I can make affordable. Ah, now I’ve got your attention. Ellen Pompeo was spotted wearing red Black Orchid jeggings, a striped tee and shearling jacket. Here are pieces that allow you to have this look for less!

Let’s start with the stand out piece. Red jeggings have been all over the Hollywood scene. These Calvin Klein alternatives are only $70.

A striped tee can be worn with so many looks, it’s versatile, comfy and fun. The first shirt is the most similar to Ellen’s at $65 but to be honest, I wouldn’t want to pay that much for a tee. This cheaper option at only $16 will have the same effect.

The shearling jacket is a nice neutral touch. It’s structured and on the warm side. The first option from Forever 21 is shearling lined like Ellen’s and for $30, it’s the cheapest. But this $115 Alter jacket is closer in shape and quality. Either way, you’ve got a steal.

Lastly, the hobo bag with gold chain link detail is large enough to carry a multitude of things and is easy to hold either on the shoulder, the forearm or in your hand. Not to mention, it’s trendy. This Vince Camuto option is usually $320 but is currently marked down to only $154!

Nastasia xx


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