Cheap Chic Outing: QuErica Jewelry Trunk Show!

One of the best things about going to events set in the most obscure areas of NYC is the small gems you discover! When I entered the darkly lit lounge White&Church in Tribeca for the QuÉrica trunk show, I was greeted by up and coming jewelry designer, Erica Lasan. She has been making jewelry by hand for 11 years and this night, she features her newest collection, Rox&Chains 1.0!

The collection is a mix of warm rocks and semi-precious stones and gems with cold industrial chains. They are large and small pieces that can be worn with basically anything. They have the ability to transform outfits from day to night. They can be the stand out piece or they can assist with an outfit that stands out on its own. The great thing about the collection, though is the fact that you can’t choose just one.

In the time that I’m there a customer, Vanessa, who can’t decide between two of her favorite pieces, gives up and buys them both! One of the pieces is also my favorite! The Yettie, named for the designers sister is a necklace made of chain links and two layers of rocks. The coolest part, as Erica quickly demonstrates, is that you can wear it multiple ways. The design is interchangeable and you realize with one purchase you’ve gotten about 5 pieces.

Rox&Chains 1.0 and the QuÉrica line is available at boutiques throughout NYC including Callalilai (USQ and Nolita locations)! Erica also offers custom jewelry!

But this wouldn’t be a Cheap Chic post if I didn’t give you the best part! Everything from the Rox&Chains 1.0 collection is now 50% off at until Jan. 7th!

Check out the QuÉrica brand:




xoxo Nastasia


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