Blistery weather and sinus infections aside (sorry if TMI), I believe the holidays encourage a certain bravado where bolder nails, lip colors, and eye-shadows are embraced. Nude colors with a romantic feel remain are still available in major retailers however deeper, warmer colors such as mauves, purples, browns, and reds are pushed more-so to the fore front (at least in my opinion). So what’s in for holiday beauty? ‘Tis the season to explore colorful lips. Red is not for the meek but available in a multitude of shades suitable for those slightly apprehensive in taking the P.O.C.P (pop of color plunge).

One of my favorite celebs, Gwen Stefani always rocks the red lip so enviously well, that I plan on trying a red lip too.


For those easing into red, go subtle and sweet. Try L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick in ‘Ravishing Red’, or a semi-matte lipstick by Nars in ‘Jungle Red’.


L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick – ‘Ravishing Red’


Nars Lipstick – ‘Jungle Red’

For those seeking a slightly deeper red hue, try a blue-based red lip color that makes teeth look pearly white and compliments a variety of skin tones.

If red is your forte and bolder is better is your mantra, Clarins joli rouge in ‘Clarins Red’, and Bobbi Brown rich lip color in ‘Old Hollywood’ are suitable options for you.


Clarins – ‘Clarins Red’


Bobbi Brown Lipstick – ‘Old Hollywood’

If you’re still not convinced of the color rouge, experiment with magenta, bordeaux, or plum. To pull off a bold or semi-bold lip during the day, I suggest make lips the central focus. The rest of your face should remain relatively natural. Accent the eyes with softer colors of eye-shadow or perhaps a cat eye (my personal fave); but the key is to not have an overpowering look. Easy on the blush.

Whatever lip candy you succumb to remember the key element in wearing makeup is to go with a look that speaks to you and, above all else, have fun with it.


Xoxo Nichole

It’s A Twitter Party – And You’re Invited!


With holiday parties and family get-togethers just around the corner, it’s time to talk Holiday fashion and most importantly legwear! My fave destination is Duane Reade for pharmacy chic looks perfect for Winter. And we’re having a Twitter party to celebrate just that! With lots of prizes for the party-goers!

What:  Duane Reade Show Us Some Leg Twitter Party

When:  December 5,  2012 1 – 2pm EST

Who:  Follow your hosts @OMGhada and @HaveSippy

Where:  Twitter under hashtag #DRLegwear and on the Custom Tweetgrid

How:  RSVP below, tell your friends and mark your calendars!

We can’t wait to talk holiday fashion trends and Duane Reade branded legwear! Their will be lots of prizes including (3) $200 Prizes packs full of Duane Reade branded tights, leggings and socks as well as a a Grand Prize of (1) $200 gift pack plus (1) $100 Duane Reade gift card.

RSVP by CLICKING HERE to Be Eligible for Prizes!

Show Us Some Leg Contest!

Congrats to Cinny! She won an iPod touch this week in the Duane Read contest Show Us Some Leg Week One: Out On The Town theme!

Cinny will also be eligible to win the grand prize, an iPad!

Be sure to submit a photo this week for our “Date Night” theme! Yay!

You can’t win if you don’t enter!


Cheap Chic Shopping with Tracy’s New York Life

Tracy Kaler from Tracy’s New York Life was our client on this morning’s Cheap Chic Shopping Tour. Check out the hot Army Green coat she bought for less than $40!?

Cold and Still Chic

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post and it feels great to be back. Since the last time you heard of me via Cheap Chic I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to upgrade my current wardrobe. One item constantly throwing me for a loop is the must have fall/winter coat. For some reason, I always feel that I need a waist length, and ¾ length (hits right above or right on the knee), and an ankle length coat. Yes, I’m talking three different coats here.

I tend to be “open-minded” about spending a bit more for a winter coat; mainly due to a blend of wanting it to last and loving the cooler months. I try not to exceed $350, but being as though this is Cheap Chic, I will narrow my results to coats under $200; and not $199.99. I hate when sites do that. Don’t you?

First up is this Bromley Military Wool Coat available at Kohls (and might I add, at a sweet price of $120.00)? I’m considering buying this myself.


 Bromley – Kohls – $120.00

For those of you who love Parka’s, ever consider a satin down version? If you’re not a lover of the faux fur feature, it is removable. Like two coats in one! All the better in my eyes. $109.00.


Jennifer Lopez – Kohls – $109.00

If pops of color are essential in your wardrobe, why not consider a colorful coat? I get compliments on more traditional choices like my black coats, brown ones, etc. but people really tend to swoon over my matte gold parka, winter white leather coat, and my paisley print ¾ length coat with royal purple, teal, and hints of brown and gold.

If stepping outside of the normal color choices seems appealing, you may be interested in an asymmetrical collar boucle coat by Guess. $149.00. It is on sale via Nordstroms so you may want to take a quick glance before it sells out.


Guess – Nordstroms – $149.00

For those of you shopping for a coat or know of someone who is, feel free to pass this on. Happy hunting Cheap Chicers and stay fashionably warm.

XX Nichole

Brocade Babes

I know you’re not supposed to give a woman’s age but after a point, it’s more of an honor than a faux pas. With that said, my grandmother is a young and vibrant 72 years old who has lived through decades of fashion eras. I say this to say, the apartment she’s lived in for almost as many decades is an arsenal of several fashion trends .
For years, looking through my grandmothers library of fashionable pieces: fur, silk and thick cashmere were signs of richness. Right up there with brocade.  And for years, regardless of it’s intricate details, thick fabrics and great prints, I skipped past the pieces made of fabrics usually reserved for curtains, pillows, throws, lamp shades or decorative duvets. You know, home decor.

In this day and age, when it’s the era of mixed prints and opulence, everyone is ready to look rich in brocade.


Here’s how you can become a brocade babe the cheap chic way:








Best riches!

xx Nastasia